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100 achievements and 100 days left

The ACT Greens have published a list of the “top 100” achievements of their parliamentary agreement with ACT Labor to mark 100 days to the territory elections in October.

The list includes emission reduction targets of 40 per cent, $50 million in additional funding for mental health and a new library for Kingston as some of their key achievements.

"This is just the top 100, and I think they're testament to the productive role we've had in maintaining stable government, and working for real improvements across Canberra," ACT Greens leader Meredith Hunter said.

"The Legislative Assembly is a small Parliament with a big task before it. There's just no room for relentless negativity and destructive politics.

 “We are about getting things done, and our record this term demonstrates that commitment to the Canberra community.”

The full list of 100 is available at