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21 brigades on call in Queanbeyan and Palerang

Although there are no significant fires in Queanbeyan or Palerang at the moment, the extreme conditions mean there are 21 brigades on call.

NSW emergency services met in Queanbeyan this morning to prepare for the unprecedented fire danger.

A multi-agency team comprised of members of the Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue and Parks and Wildlife has been established to address the preemptive bushfire emergency declared for the Queanbeyan and Palerang areas.

Incident controller Tim Carroll said, "Today is a significant day in terms of its fire weather and our major role today will be to protect life and property."

"If fires occur today, they will quickly take hold."

In addition to daily phone hook ups with services across the region, Mr Carroll said local authorities had been liaising with the ACT emergency services.


"They've set up strike teams," he said.

"If we have a fire that requires immediate assistance, they've got teams available that can he us."

He said that if people in Queanbeyan needed to get to a safe location, they should consider the city centre or going across the border.

"The CBD provides a safer location or city areas of Canberra ... It's a place of last resort if your survival plan fails," he said.