Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Canberra bureau chief. Most recently Chris was the National Political Correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald

Canberra the backdrop in Gary Davis documentary from Woody Mann

Woody Mann

Chris Johnson For this weekend only, Canberra is the international launch pad for a movie praising one of that music's greatest ambassadors.

Brown endorses activist Sheikh

Chris Johnson Former Greens leader Bob Brown has endorsed Simon Sheikh to represent the party in its bid to unseat Liberal senator Gary Humphries in next year's federal election.

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Leigh escapes public censure from Gillard

The Federal Member for Fraser, Andrew Leigh, MP, addresses members of the public at the Ginninderra Labor Club.

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard has defended Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh's behaviour in proposing a pro-Palestine motion to caucus that could have severely embarrassed her.

Labor proves a good bet in ACT

Federal MP Andrew Leigh.

Chris Johnson Bets are open and Labor is looking good in the ACT - if not in too many other places around Australia.

One former resident with a few reasons to return

Kevin Rudd.

Chris Johnson Some former prime ministers don't have a lot of nice things to say about Canberra, but Kevin Rudd is not one of them.

Economic role puts Leigh in spotlight

Chris Johnson Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh has joined Julia Gillard's frontbench as the parliamentary secretary to the PM.

Finding the perfect balance

Chris Johnson Nashville-based Kieran Kane may have built a formidable reputation as a solo performer and he has written a string of songs that have been recorded by the music industry's elite.

A busy first day for new frontbencher

Andrew Leigh talks to Jan McLucas at Parliament House as she hands over the duties of Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Chris Johnson There is nothing like being thrown in at the deep end.

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Relieved to be safe from the nest egg nerves


Chris Johnson Retired public servant Fred Pilcher is one Canberran who is pleased he doesn't have to worry about his superannuation being tinkered with.

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Taxis to offer most access to rail terminal

A high-speed rail station planned to go below Ainslie Avenue near the Canberra Centre.

Chris Johnson Access to and from Canberra’s high speed rail terminal would rely very little on public transport, according to a report into the proposed network.

Abbott: I pledge myself to the service of this country

Chris Johnson THE Coalition has been swept to a convincing election victory in a result that could keep Labor in the political wilderness for a decade, with incoming prime minister Tony Abbott declaring the...

Libs have lost core values: Fraser

Chris Johnson Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has hit out at the party he once led, saying it has strayed too far to the right and has lost the vision of founder Robert Menzies.

Territory backing Gillard in ALP leadership battle

Chris Johnson, Michael Inman CANBERRA voters appear to be bucking the national trend and expressing a preference for Julia Gillard over Kevin Rudd in tomorrow's battle for the Labor leadership.

Slow NBN hook-up: ACT suffers fast-connect woes

Fibre Optic

Chris Johnson The nation's capital will take a back seat to regional Australia and marginal federal electorates in getting connected to the government's high-speed broadband scheme.

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Labor stalwarts among highest honour recipients

Gareth Evans

Chris Johnson A trio of former Labor Party stalwarts heads the list of the most exclusive Queen's Birthday honours, with former Keating foreign minister Gareth Evans, former Queensland premier Peter Beattie and...