Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford is Editor-at-large, The Canberra Times

Jack Waterford

Treasurer Andrew Barr returns, like the proverbial dog, to his stadium

Jack Waterford One can always tell when our beloved Treasurer and, until recently, Sports Minister, Andrew Barr, is suffering from existential angst or relevance deprivation syndrome.

Was Colin Winchester the victim of a hitman after turning tables on drug farmers?

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester had supervised a sting on organised crime figures.

Jack Waterford When Canberra detectives saw the body of Colin Winchester slumped in his car in Deakin in January 1989, The killing bore all of the signs of a professional hit.

Budget plan is cautious and conservative


Jack Waterford Here's the big secret. The ACT economy is in reasonably good shape despite the heavy hits from Penny Wong it has taken.

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Adroit navigation but no destination

Voters do not have a

Jack Waterford addendum column

The real enemy lurks in own ranks

Jack Waterford The ADFA Skype affair will go into Australian defence history, perhaps deserving a place at the Australian War Memorial alongside other boorish quasi-sexual exploits by Australians at arms that the...

Former editor had pride in his role at 'my sort of newspaper'

Archive image from 1987 of former Newcastle Herald Editor John Allan.

Jack Waterford John Allan, a Walkley-award winning journalist who was editor of The Canberra Times between 1968 and 1972, died peacefully in Ballina Hospital yesterday ''of a long life''.

Canberra's scribe from WA a journalist, author for 78 years

Jack Waterford For more than 20 years from the mid-1960s, Athol Thomas was the West Australian columnist for The Canberra Times.

2013-14 ACT Budget

Really, it's only mildly stimulating

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford Three months from now, Andrew Barr, as a loyal member of the ALP suicide watch, will be telling ACT voters - and anyone elsewhere who will listen - that an Abbott Coalition government will be an...

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