Light rail utilities study begins in Gungahlin

Tom McIlroy The first ground works for Canberra's light rail line began on Monday with workers digging to find the location and condition of power, gas and telephone utilities. 

Gungahlin mosque site works under way

Vice president of the Canberra Muslim Community, Tanveer Khan, at the site of the Gungahlin Mosque. Workers in the background begin work on the footings for the building.

David Ellery Work is already in progress at the site of the Gungahlin Mosque.

Local League: Gungahlin Bulls v Goulburn Workers Bulldogs

Gungahlin clashed with Goulburn as part of the Canberra Raiders Cup.

Local Union: Queanbeyan v Gungahlin Eagles


Queanbeyan played host to Gungahlin at Campese Oval, Queanbeyan.

Gungahlin mosque opponents lose court battle

ACT Supreme Court

Megan Gorrey and Christopher Knaus Opponents to Gungahlin mosque have controversially linked the development with the kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls and the Boston bombings.

Gungahlin growth leads to new flight path proposal


Matthew Raggatt Flight paths from Canberra Airport are being shifted further away from the city.

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Holes in the ceiling and mould forces Gungahlin man Grant Seears out of freezing apartment

News. 34 year old Grant Seears, a tennant of a Havelock Housing Association apartment in Gungahlin.

Natasha Boddy A Gungahlin man claims he is unable to live in his freezing community housing apartment due to lack of maintenance which has forced him to live with holes in his ceiling.

25-minute travel time on light rail line from Gungahlin to the city


Tom McIlroy Passengers on Canberra's proposed light rail line can expect travel times of less than 25 minutes between Gungahlin and the city in peak travel periods.

Rush hour causes 7.8 minute delay from Gungahlin to the city, say light rail proponents

ACTION buses at the Civic Interchange during the busy peak period

Kirsten Lawson You're probably acutely aware of how many minutes and seconds you lose to rush-hour traffic on the way from Gungahlin to work each day.

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John I Dent Cup: Gungahlin Eagles vs Tuggeranong Vikings

Henry Speight on a charge.

John I Dent Cup Gungahlin Eagles vs Tuggeranong Vikings at Gungahlin Enclosed Oval

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher draws a line in the sand on cost of Gungahlin tram project


Kirsten Lawson Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has drawn a line in the sand on the Gungahlin tram project.

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Gang-gang: Gungahlin, brand new but 450 million years old

Ian Warden Every other suburb of our city is feeling jealous of Crace in Gungahlin.

Fears for elderly residents as NBN Co prepares to switch off Gungahlin's copper network

Gungahlin residents are concerned the elderly and those who are not tech-savvy could be left behind as the region prepares to switch phone and internet services to the NBN.

Megan Gorrey Concerns the elderly and those who are not tech-savvy could be left behind as the region prepares to the national broadband network.

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Construction set to begin on Gungahlin park and ride

Tom McIlroy Construction is set to begin on a new commuting hub for cars and public transport users in Gungahlin. 

Four-car crash on Gungahlin Drive


Ben Westcott A four-car collision on Gungahlin Drive has closed one lane on Monday afternoon.

New Gungahlin suburb will house 5000 residents

Mark Sawa Gungahlin is set to get another new suburb, with work on the 171-hectare Moncrieff slated for later this year.

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Gang-gang: Are Canberra's Gang-gang cockatoos boycotting Tuggeranong, Gungahlin?


Ian Warden In just a few action-packed paragraphs this item will morph into a story about Canberra birds in Canberra gardens but, before we go there, here is another look at the Canberra homes and surely...

Gungahlin prepares for a pioneering plunge

On Thursday, as centre manager Darryl Clemson gave The Canberra Times a poolside tour, it was only the splishing and splashing of the fountains (they spring up out of little tiled lily pads and the lily pads have pretty beetles and butterflies on them) that broke the otherwise eerie silence of the expectant, gleaming, pristine place.

Ian Warden Plucky, pioneering Gungahlin at last it has that hallmark of a civilised Australian conurbation, an Olympic pool.

Gungahlin vs Royals

Gungahlin take on the Royals in the John I Dent Cup at Nicholls Oval.

Gungahlin's new Leisure Centre

Exterior of the Gungahlin Leisure Centre.

Scenes from the new Gungahlin Leisure Centre.