Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Canberra bureau chief. Most recently Chris was the National Political Correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald

In the deep south, grumbles run deeper

Chris Johnson The 'nappy valley' is evolving into the 'unhappy valley'. There's a growing feeling among residents that the area is being left behind when it comes to infrastructure, resources and services.

Abbott: I pledge myself to the service of this country

Chris Johnson THE Coalition has been swept to a convincing election victory in a result that could keep Labor in the political wilderness for a decade, with incoming prime minister Tony Abbott declaring the...

Priests, nuns required to stump up for club membership

taxation money

Chris Johnson Priests will have to pay and nuns will have to get in the habit, too, if they want to remain members of their local Southern Cross Club.

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Slow NBN hook-up: ACT suffers fast-connect woes

Fibre Optic

Chris Johnson The nation's capital will take a back seat to regional Australia and marginal federal electorates in getting connected to the government's high-speed broadband scheme.

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Labor stalwarts among highest honour recipients

Gareth Evans

Chris Johnson A trio of former Labor Party stalwarts heads the list of the most exclusive Queen's Birthday honours, with former Keating foreign minister Gareth Evans, former Queensland premier Peter Beattie and...