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Sally Pryor is the Arts Editor at The Canberra Times.

New art space opens in Mitchell

Sally Pryor To most people, an empty office space in Mitchell is a business opportunity.

$15,000 reasons for fine rhymes

The newly minted International Poetry Prize recently announced by the University of Canberra has a prize of $15,000.

Sally Pryor If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much should 50 lines of words be worth?

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Film producer Harvey Weinstein set to sparkle at Canberra's Virgin Ball

Harvey Weinstein

Sally Pryor When it comes to glamorous black-tie events, Canberra is known only for one - the Press Gallery Midwinter Ball.

Behind the smoke

2003 bushfire pics for Grant

Sally Pryor There are many defining images of the 2003 firestorm - the flames, the silent, smoking forests of naked black trees, the sight of hundreds of Canberrans camped out on the floors of emergency centres.

A majestic folly soars

Last Bonsai round-up at Arboretum site in the Green Hill Forest off Tuggeranong Parkway   ...... Chief minister Jon Stanhope is assisted by Barry Nash, organiser of the Bonsai dig, in the collection of an Irish strawberry plant at the site.

Sally Pryor It's only 8am, but Jon Stanhope has been up for hours. Something about the light, he says, and force of habit.

One man's junk is another's orchestra

Graeme Leak with a collection of items at Tiny's Green Shed. The items will be used as instruments in the Noise Orchestra he is organising as part of Canberra's Centenary Celebrations.

Sally Pryor You might see it as junk, treasure, a way to furnish your home or a useful place to dump household rubbish. But when it comes to the tip, Graeme Leak sees an orchestra.

Silken touch for Griffin lithograph

News. At the National Library of Australia, a preview of the exhibition,

Sally Pryor Like all patients that arrived through the doors, this 80-year-old was triaged and assessed for damage.

Sun up, sun down … a perfect day around the clock

The Canberra Centenary celebration fireworks as seen from the bubbly bar.
11 March 2013.
Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times.


Sally Pryor, Fleta Page and Lisa Cox Build it and they will come.

A statue beyond limitations

Walter Burley Griffin.

Sally Pryor Arts Editor Amid all the debate surrounding the Skywhale, perhaps it's time to reflect on an alternative reality.

Private Capital

Dr Chris drops in to Ngunnawal

Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown  makes a house to Maria Tsebri who won a competition to get a two-hour consultation for her two cats.

Sally Pryor Private Capital: When Maria Tsebri heard she’d won a private consultation for her cats, she'd forgotten it was with the one and only Bondi Vet himself, Dr Chris Brown.

Capital Life

Sally Pryor Capital Life with Sally Pryor