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Diesel on tip of your tongue this NYE

Jenna Clarke Diesel and fireworks will be on the tip of every Canberran's tongue this New Year's Eve.

Royals farewell capital and make off with bootful of bouquets

Krystal Ahn Lobb waits for the arrival of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall at the Australian War.

Jenna Clarke KRYSTAL ANH LOBB wanted to meet the Queen after watching a TV show, but yesterday she decided a duchess was better.

Name game vital for apartment marketers

Nina Markovic has bought apartment number 13 in the Friday Boutique Apartments in Griffith.

Stephanie Anderson, Jenna Clarke Canberra's apartment listings can sometimes sound more like a science textbook than suburban addresses.

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No Hobbits in Limelight this Christmas

J R R Tolkien fan Emily Campbell is looking forward to the Canberra screening of The Hobbit. She bought tickets to the midnight premiere screening at Limelight, but it has been cancelled.

Jenna Clarke Canberra fans of The Hobbit won't be having a very merry Christmas as the midnight premiere of the long-awaited Lord of the Rings prequel has been cancelled.

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Santa is bringing Zara to town

Canberra Times, contributed photo- Zara store, coming to the Canberra centre.


Jenna Clarke Santa Claus is coming to town and so is Zara. Amidst the Christmas retail rush this week the fashionably famous Spaniard snuck into Civic.

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Zara store prepares to open doors

Canberra Times, contributed photo- Zara store, coming to the Canberra centre.


Jenna Clarke Canberra's first Zara boutique will open its doors in ''early March'' after a recruitment process to rival a Hunger Games-style battle.

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Bargain seats unchained for movie lovers

NEWS: Canberra latest cinema Palace Electric located in the Nishi Building New Acton.

Jenna Clarke For devoted movie-goers in Canberra, it apparently pays to belong.

Canberra's cinema (price) war

NEWS: Palace Electric duty manager, Rob Lees,24 of Campbell in one of the new cinemas that will open to the public tonight. 23rd January 2013. Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

Jenna Clarke The cinematic competition in Canberra is set to become more intense than the Academy Awards ceremony this Australia Day long weekend.

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V is for Valentine's Day and a very special surprise

Canberra Times' journalist, Jenna Clarke, gets vadazzled. 
A sample of the adhesive jewels prior to application.
13 Feb 2013.
Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times.


Jenna Clarke Flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys have a new commercial nemesis this Valentine's Day - the bare, bejewelled nether region.

Bit itchy, but this T-shirt shames latest effort

Aaron Chandler, wearing his vintage Canberra t-shirt and Chuck Taylors with his restored 1970s Valiant
The Canberra Times
07 March 2013
Photo Jay Cronan

Jenna Clarke The official centenary T-shirt does nothing to quash unfounded beliefs that Canberra is boring and bland.

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Two guys and a lot of swearwords: Canberra's latest viral sensation Canberra (I Miss You)

Sam Burns-Warr and Jordan Prosser

Jenna Clarke They were aiming for a “heartfelt, Shannon Noll-type ballad” dedicated to their hometown but what Sam Burns-Warr and Jordan Prosser ended up producing is a viral R’n’B love letter to Canberra.

Canberrans settle for a lazy Sundae


Jenna Clarke Guests at Canberra's birthday party all screamed for more ice cream, so Ben & Jerry's have now delivered.

Boom, bust and Brynne on the Logies red carpet

Logies 2013 fashion thumb

Jenna Clarke Something is rotten in the state of television when Kerri-Anne Kennerley is out-glitzed.

Boylesque takes (it) off in Canberra

Performers from Canberra's first men's burlesque show (back L-R) 'Chocolutter', 'CoCo Lox', 'Beau Peep', 'Mr Fancy Pants', 'Midnite Rayne', and (front) 'Jacqueline Hyde'.
26 May 2013.
Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times.


Jenna Clarke “Boylesque” is not to be confused for a drag show, it’s more like Don Draper taking his clothes off, according to Canberra’s leading burlesque teacher.

The great generation gap bridged by Gatsby


Jenna Clarke With rap music, 3D and more booze than a liquor superstore Baz Luhrmann may have been trying to revive Gen Y’s interest in The Great Gatsby but instead he captured the imagination of Canberra’s...

New black is blue fashion statement

NEWS: Help from the underground: The annual St Vincent de Paul Fashion parade in the Zoo Advertising car park, Kingston. Models L-R Simone Luker and Samantha Farron. 12th June 2013.Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times..

Jenna Clarke On a day when blue was the most talked about colour in the country, the cobalt closing segment at the Help from the Underground fashion event on Wednesday night was a fashion statement not a...

St Johns to ring in a royal birth

St Johns Reid Bell Ringer Matthew Stokoe in the bell room at the church in Reid. He will play the bells to mark the Royal birth..
Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times.


Jenna Clarke St John's in Reid is bringing back the tradition of ringing church bells when a royal baby is born - whatever the hour of day, or night.

Woman hit by car in Civic

ACT police cordoned off a section of Northbourne
Avenue and London Circuit for more than an hour on Saturday night after a young woman was hit by a car in Civic.

Lisa Cox and Jenna Clarke An 18-year-old Curtin woman in critical condition in Canberra Hospital after being struck by a car in Civic on Saturday night.

Lollies and Lichtenstein lighten Canberra's cold period


Jenna Clarke The National Gallery of Australia offered a light and bright reprieve from Canberra’s bleak and cold weather over the weekend thanks to the opening of an exhibition by one of the world’s “worst...

Forget the town crier, bring on the bells

Young bellringer Matthew Stokoe arrives at dawn to ring the St Johns church bells in Reid to announce the arrival of the Royal baby.

Jenna Clarke “What a wonderful way to start the day,” Reverend David Hill whispered as the bells of St John’s Anglican Church tolled at dawn to celebrate the birth of the future king of England (and Australia).