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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Renovators face criminal charge for not removing asbestos

Generic court.

Christopher Knaus A Canberra couple are facing criminal convictions for failing to completely remove asbestos during a major home renovation in Griffith.

Pain lingers for Colin Winchester's family, says Victims of Crime Commissioner John Hinchey

Shot: Colin Winchester was Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police when he was shot in his car in 1989.

Christopher Knaus In the midst of the Eastman inquiry fallout, a family still suffers.

The David Eastman inquiry explained

Legal challenge: David Eastman was convicted of killing Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester.

Christopher Knaus 25 years ago two bullets, fired on a sleepy Deakin night, ended the age of innocence in Australia. Now an inquiry has recommended the man convicted of murdering the ACT's police chief walk free,...

AFP denies favouritism for son of Commissioner Tony Negus

Christopher Knaus Federal Police have denied claims the son of Commissioner Tony Negus was given special treatment.

Cop sacked over capsicum spray incident loses appeal

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Christopher Knaus A Canberra police officer sacked for using capsicum spray on a drunk man outside a Manuka nightclub has lost his unfair dismissal case.

Tony Negus's son quits police force amid speeding crash investigation

Police commissioner Tony Negus.

Christopher Knaus Federal police commissioner Tony Negus's son has quit the ACT's police force while embroiled in an internal probe and an investigation into a motorbike crash linked with speeding.

ACT crime-rampage leader Christopher Slater seeks shorter jail term

Christopher Knaus A man who lunged at a victim with an axe and stole a car with a child still inside is fighting to have his sentence reduced.

Elderly mother sought help for son the day before she was killed

Supreme Court in Canberra

Christopher Knaus An elderly woman sought help from the ACT mental health system one day before her son strangled her to death in their Canberra home, believing she was the devil.

David Eastman murder inquiry begins

David Harold Eastman.

Christopher Knaus A mental health report that may have been seen by David Harold Eastman’s trial judge included information suggesting the judge could be the target of a planned ‘‘homicidal attack’’, an inquiry has...

Stuart Flats shooter allowed out of jail to be with dying father

Christopher Knaus A man who fired a sawn-off shotgun through the window of a Stuart Flats unit has been allowed time out of prison to be with his dying father.

Former policeman denies harassing surveillance on David Eastman

David Eastman

Christopher Knaus A former police officer has denied knowledge of surveillance teams harassing David Eastman to exacerbate his paranoia and induce a confession as they investigated the killing of the ACT's police...

Reward good bars, suggest hotels


Christopher Knaus The hotels lobby has called for rewards for well-behaved bars, pubs and clubs, while urging the government to focus on supermarkets and liquor stores to prevent young revellers pre-loading on alcohol.

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Hemp-seed muesli led to ACT drug-driving charge: Laws under fire

A drug driving test.

Christopher Knaus A senior public servant who ate a breakfast muesli containing hemp seeds was dragged through a nine-month court battle over a drug-driving charge.

Injured bureaucrat wins compensation

Christopher Knaus A Canberra public servant who was injured in a low speed rear-end crash has won a $390,000 payout, overcoming allegations she faked the injury and was simply ''jumping on the Comcare gravy train".

Man acquitted of murdering mother because of mental impairment


Christopher Knaus A mentally ill Canberra man who strangled his mother to death, believing she was possessed by the devil, has been found not guilty because of mental impairment.

Durham Castle Arms pub buckling under rising costs

Bar manager of the Durham in Kingston,  Adrian Moran talks about the issue of alcohol-fuelled violence and the impact on local venues.
The Canberra Times
12 November 2013
Photo Jay Cronan

Christopher Knaus The Durham Castle Arms is hurting. The pub's manager of seven years, Adrian Moran, says the future of the Kingston venue is fraught with uncertainty, with business as bad as he's ever seen it.

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Man arrested over jewellery theft

Christopher Knaus A man accused of stealing $10,000 worth of electronics and jewellery before trying to sell them to Cash Converters has been denied bail.

Decision on police officer's unfair dismissal case reserved

Christopher Knaus The Federal Court has reserved its decision in the unfair dismissal case of a Canberra police officer who used capsicum spray on a drunk man in Manuka.

Special series - Punch Drunk, part one: Civic remains a hotbed of alcohol-fuelled violence


Christopher Knaus Despite the efforts of police and politicians, Civic remains a hotbed of alcohol-fuelled violence. Today, in the first part of a special series, Christopher Knaus reports on how supposedly tough...

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Drink-driving: Police road blitz on in earnest

RBTs from ACT Policing.

Christopher Knaus These are some of the ACT's drunkest drivers, the worst of which would struggle to walk down a street, let alone control a car.

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