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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.


Devil of a time for crazy critters

David Ellery Despite their reputation for unpremeditated violence and a unique language of their own that consists entirely of cuss words, Tasmanian devils get a bad rap, Dr Janine Deakin believes.


Yacht Club backs Communities@Work with new regatta

David Ellery Did you know Canberra is home to what is probably the largest inland yacht club in Australia?


Ralph Bain's many gifts remembered

David Ellery Long-time ABC and federal parliamentary announcer Ralph Bain is one of the few journalists who could claim expertise in fields as diverse as cooking, social etiquette and the motor car.

US insulation product used in Australia at the centre of world's costliest asbestos scandal

1960s photo of the Monaro Mall.

David Ellery Thousands of Australians are believed to have been exposed to an American insulation product at the centre of the world's costliest asbestos scandal

The champion of just causes

Lawyer Deborah Rolfe has been nominated for a local hero award at the Australia Day Awards.

David Ellery Despite her achievements, this local hero nominee is very humble.

Free Nightrider aims to win patrons

Action bus driver Andrew Walls on the Nightrider bus.

David Ellery Territory and Municipal Services have dropped the charge for using the ACT Nightrider Bus Service this year.

St Andrew's Church on Capital Hill has years left in it after clean-up

The Presbyterian Church of St Andrew.

David Ellery The latest round of renovations to Capital Hill's St Andrew's Church have cost about $500,000.

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Getting into gear for a Brit of a spin around town

NEWS: The British High Commissioner Paul Madden will be a special guest at Terribly British Day on Sunday 1st December . Pic shows a Jag XK120. 27th November 2013. Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

David Ellery The British high commissioner in Canberra, Paul Madden, has been picked for a dream job on Sunday.

Don't be cruel, says lookalike Garry Buckley, Elvis deserves respect

Elvis impersonator Garry Buckley visits the Elvis exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

David Ellery Canberra Elvis impersonator Garry Buckley has no time for people who make fun of the King, send him up for commercial purposes, or focus only on the last few years of his life.

Vision of our second century

Canberra Doomed Canberra

David Ellery If, as so many people love to say around these parts, a week is a long time in politics, then what will the next 5200 of them bring for Canberra?

NRMA strikes out on the ruin to roads

Foreground is Alan Evans, NRMA director for ACT and the Southern Region; rear is Rudy Kistler, the ``3D chalk artist'' from Austinmere (near Wollongong) who drew the pot hole.
Have also sent a shot of the pothole itself.

July pics 110.jpg

David Ellery When the NRMA wanted to shine the spotlight on the potholes in Canberra's roads in Civic on Thursday, it had to draw a picture of one. The real things are actually pretty thin on the ground.

Our roads streets ahead

David Ellery One of the first things a visitor to Canberra notices is the city's amazing road network.

North-south digital gap will widen with Coalition NBN plan

Optic cable that was used as part of the National Broadband Network.

David Ellery Canberra's north-south divide will become even more marked if the government presses ahead with its election pledge.

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Body armour supplier hits world target

David Ellery A Canberra-based defence ''minnow'' has been awarded a US government contract to help prove its unique body armour technology is the best in the world.

David Ellery

I'll show you a horror budget

Gang-gang dinkus. Illustration by David Pope.

David Ellery In addition to lending his name to one of our city's nicer suburbs, Sir Arthur William Fadden also deserves the credit for imprinting the ''horror budget'' concept so deeply into the national psyche...


From close crop to porn prop

barber's chari seat

David Ellery Canberra's Museum and Gallery is hoping an ACT sex addict may be able to shed some light on the provenance of a recently acquired item in its collection.

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Tale of a pasture-prized car

David Ellery Kate Moss' glorious transformation left me with an agonising dilemma.


A new chapter, but no verse

Gang-gang dinkus. Illustration by David Pope.

David Ellery You must have noticed by now that the Centenary of Canberra celebrations have been suffering from a terrible lack of poetry.

Military, PS take the most honours

OAM medal.

David Ellery Soldiers and public servants have scored the lion's share of Queen's Birthday honours for ACT and Queanbeyan residents.

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Dry autumn made burnoff sensible move

News: Controlled burn at Black Mountain, Canberra. 12th of April 2013. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths


David Ellery Controlled burn in Canberra's north a pre-emptive strike to keep residents safe come summer.