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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Canberra's inner south gets a makeover

News: Socrates Kochinos and Frank Comdi owners of the new cafe/bar Little Brooklyn due to open next week in Green Square, Kingston.

Emma Macdonald It's Kingston, by way of Paddington in Sydney and with a certain detour through Fitzroy in Melbourne.

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Upheaval blamed as ANU staff move to better-paying UC jobs

UC students, staff query rugby deal

Emma Macdonald The Australian National University is experiencing something of a brain drain as esteemed academics cross Belconnen Way for the University of Canberra.

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Kingston traders rejoice at return of Green Square

Josephine Spence, 18 months of Queanbeyan enjoying the grass at Green Square with her dad Nicholas.

Emma Macdonald Canberra's changing weather patterns have wrought havoc on the collective nerves of Canberra garden lovers. But none have monitored the skies so closely, as the Kingston traders.

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Mount Ainslie inspiration

Emma Macdonald Private Capital: Famous landmark helps Xiang Lei win University of Canberra’s children’s book competition.

After turf warfare, Green Square gets its colour back

Spokesperson, Gabrielle Radinger, among the current planting.

Emma Macdonald Landscapers will descend on Green Square, removing the much-maligned spiky natives.

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Kingston celebrates a win with Green Square makeover

Grant Kelly is one of the workers removing the long grasses from Green Square in Kingston before laying turf later this week.

Emma Macdonald After a battle spanning several years, the sight of landscapers in high-vis shirts descending on Green Square on Tuesday morning was celebrated by Kingston traders and shoppers alike.

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Trend of giving to education began in ACT

Billionaire, philanthropist and Canberra boy, Graham Tuckwell.

Emma Macdonald Graham Tuckwell has no doubt that he has started something of a trend in philanthropic donations to universities in Australia.

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Kingston: Where all the cool kids go

Ellie Raymond and Effie Kochinos, owners of the new hip cafe in Kingston, Penny University.

Emma Macdonald On guard! Those hipsters have broken from the confines of Lonsdale Street, Braddon, and staged a southside invasion!

Kingston traders see red over patch of green

Spokesperson Pawl Cubbin, among the current planting.

Emma Macdonald Kingston shop owners have reached an impasse with the government on the vexed issue of returning grass to the once popular cafe strip.

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Heavy-handed officials ruin potential of Kingston Green Square restoration

Kingston Traders and TAMS are battling over grass in Green Square at the Kingston Shops.

Emma Macdonald The ACT government is squandering a golden opportunity to foster community ownership of green space.

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Kingston Traders win the grass battle

Spokesperson Pawl Cubbin, among the current planting.

Emma Macdonald Kingston Traders have won the battle to have grass replanted in Kingston Square without covering more than $40,000 in Government-imposed insurance and bonds.

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E-readers set young on road to love of books

Jade Lewis, age 12, (pictured with 8 year-old brother Darcy) of Richardson received a kindle after improving her reading on the Indigenous Reading Project, a homegrown idea which has helped 100 indigenous children learn to read across Australia.

Emma Macdonald Forrest Primary year 6 student Jade Lewis sometimes started a book, but rarely finished it.

New asbestos removal audit

This property in Bradfield Street is due to be demolished because of the asbestos it contains.

Emma Macdonald The government is reviewing records of asbestos removal across homes in the ACT from the mid-1980.

Centenary celebrations get a visa to Canberra's embassies

Botswana High Commission staff members Punam Malik, Arlene Corcyra, Nilda Servando, Manivone, Sodina Bun at the launch of the Windows to the World at the Botswana High Commission.

Emma Macdonald Australia's diplomatic community is celebrating Canberra's centenary by opening their doors to the public.

Sell-out Fashfest makes a stunning debut

Canberra models front. Jessica Tipping, Angela Timani, Alice Downing and Samara Purnell before  the catwalk at the opening night of FASHFEST at Canberra airport.

Jenna Clarke, Emma Macdonald In her centenary year, Canberra has been formal and fabulous, but the city has never been more frocked-up than at the opening of Fashfest.

Asbestos: builders warned of spot fines


Emma Macdonald ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe will seek approval from the ACT government to slap $5000 fines on builders who fail to dispose of asbestos properly, saying too many were risking the health...

Plans for pay parking for Parliamentary Triangle

5 November 2010 NEWS Canberra Times photograph by GRAHAM TIDY Story by John Thistleton Parking dramas in the Parliamentary Triangle. These vehicles parked on the grass in a small carpark off Federation Mall between the old and new Parliament Houses. SPECIAL 111

Emma Macdonald, Tom McIlroy Canberra workers and visitors to national institutions will be forced to cough up almost $74 million in new parking fees in the Parliamentary Triangle and at Acton over the next three years.

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Gallagher backs paid parking - but wants funds to stay local

News: Official opening of the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion at the National Arboretum, Canberra. ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. 6th of May 2013. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Emma Macdonald and Tom McIlroy Canberra workers and visitors to national institutions will be forced to cough up almost $74 million in new parking fees in the Parliamentary Triangle and at Acton over the next three years.

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Still room to improve on vaccination: Gallagher


Emma Macdonald Katy Gallagher says it's ''problematic'' that people still questioned the benefits of childhood vaccinations.

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$8m gift lets Grammar 'get serious' about Asia

Terry Snow donates $8 million to Canberra Grammar School

Emma Macdonald Businessman Terry Snow will give $8 million to his former school to build a striking new Asian century centre.

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