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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Celebration as seed capital reaches century

Kirsten Lawson Fifty million plants later, the Yarralumla Nursery celebrated its 100th birthday on Sunday.

New ACT planning laws delayed for further community consultation

Kirsten Lawson Greens Minister bows to pressure and persuades the ACT government to delay passing its new planning laws.

NSW Labor MP Steve Whan accused Liberals of nimbyism over wind farms

NSW Labour parliamentarian Steve Whan has accused conservative MPs of hypocrisy in their attack on wind farms around Canberra.

Kirsten Lawson NSW Labor MP Steve Whan has accused conservative MPs of hypocrisy in their attack on wind farms around Canberra

Japanese groups rally round fire-struck Coo owner

Owner of the Japanese Restaurant Iori and Coo, Mamoru Aizawa pictured after a fire in the Sydney building destroyed a neighbouring Coo.

Kirsten Lawson Devastated Coo restaurant owner at the centre of the Sydney Building fire, is struggling to keep his other restaurants open.

Sydney building fire: Coo owner Mamoru Aizawa devastated

3rd December 2009. FOOD&WINE.  THE CANBERRA TIMES. Photos by MARINA NEIL.     Coo Japanese Restaurant review.    Owner Mamoru Aizawa.  SPECIAL 1

Kirsten Lawson, Tom McIlroy and Ben Westcott Monday’s fire has left Coo owner Mamoru Aizawa devastated, with one restaurant up in smoke and still unable on Tuesday to access other restaurant six doors down in the Sydney Building.

Growing concern: Yarralumla Garden Centre sold to Heritage Nursery

Kirsten Lawson, Ben Westcott The ACT government has sold the Yarralumla Garden Centre business to Bruno and Hedy Zimmermann at the next-door Heritage Nursery.

Kingston's La Rustica has a new home on the foreshore

Kirsten Lawson Almost 25 years old, La Rustica is making a move from the old Kingston to the new, opening on the foreshore by the end of the month.

Aubergine in purple patch with second nod

Kirsten Lawson Ben Willis has taken Aubergine restaurant to the top of the pile in Canberra and, for the second year running.

No bones about it

Food and Wine
owners of the the Sweet Bones Bakery in Londale Street, Russell and Emily Brindley. 
The Canberra Times
12 March 2013
Photo Jay Cronan

Kirsten Lawson The paleo diet, with its focus on meat protein, is arguably more prominently on the radar than its virtual opposite, a vegan diet, but it's a vegan cafe that is making the noise in Canberra at the...