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Stephanie Anderson is a reporter at The Canberra Times.

App creators' baby steps on worldwide web

Stephanie Anderson Local app designers are taking on the worldwide web, with a number of Canberrans debuting products internationally.

Concern over city's 'food desert'

Households in some of Canberra's wealthiest suburbs are to struggling to eat on a regular basis due to a lack of supermarkets in walking distance.

Stephanie Anderson Households in some of Canberra's wealthiest suburbs are struggling to eat on a regular basis because of the inner south's "food desert", new research has found.

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Special police teams descend on quiet street

Stephanie Anderson Streets in Red Hill were closed for three hours during a police operation on Saturday morning, with reports a man was armed with a knife.

Red Hill reopened


Stephanie Anderson Streets in Red Hill have reopened following a three hour long police operation on Saturday.

Public housing damages bill soars

115 reports of damage to public housing were filed last year.

Stephanie Anderson Urine-soaked carpet and drains stuffed with children's toys were among the hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of damage inflicted upon public housing properties by tenants in the past year.

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Christmas lights crackdown backdown

NEWS : David Richards has installed 500,000 lights to try and regain
the World Guinness record for the most number of lights in a
residential area. Pic shows David with his wife Janean and their three
children Aidan, 13, Madelyn, 6 and Caitlin,10. 13th November 2013.
Photo by Melissa Adams of The Canberra Times


Stephanie Anderson The ACT Government has backed down from its crackdown on Christmas light displays, announcing that no fees will be charged for homeowners this year.

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Christmas light crackdown

Stephanie Anderson Canberra's Richards family could be forced to hand over thousands of dollars to the ACT government.

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Criminal told to face his demons ahead of robbery, theft sentencing

Stephanie Anderson A man with a "long and serious" criminal history has been warned to face his demons ahead of being sentenced for aggravated robbery and theft.

Duplex crackdown after controversial demolition

Foster carer Larissa Woonton of Yarralumla is concerned they're not covered by insurance or workplace safety laws.

John Thistleton and Stephanie Anderson Duplex demolitions will now need approval from the ACT Government following the controversial flattening of a Yarralumla duplex which forced neighbours out of their home following little more than a...

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Where to party after the 'politicalypse'

Election nigh party thumbnail

Stephanie Anderson Looking for a place to celebrate or commiserate after the polls close on Saturday? We've got you covered.

Informal votes drop in ACT

Voting in Queanbeyan

Stephanie Anderson Informal voting has decreased across the majority of polling booths in the ACT.

Serial burglar jailed for piggy bank theft

Stephanie Anderson A serial burglar has been jailed after robbing an inner south resident of her piggy bank before pretending to look for his missing dog.

Bushfire complacency puts locals at risk

Hills on fire near Jugiong in 2013.

Stephanie Anderson Firefighters have spoken out about the lack of preparation for dangerous fire conditions, just 12 months after multiple blazes blackened properties across south east NSW.

Running, hiking and Skywhale: What the Ambassador will miss

Outgoing US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich at the US Embassy in Yarralumla.

Stephanie Anderson Comparing the Skywhale to banjo music may sound like an insult to some, but it’s considered a compliment by US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich.

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Finding, let alone keeping, a job is a job

Ona Coffee Manuka barista Dan Cullen at work.

Stephanie Anderson Uncertainly over job losses have led to many Canberrans tightening their purse strings ahead of the federal budget.

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Wild weather from snow to severe fire danger

Wild winds

Stephanie Anderson and Matthew Raggatt The elements were on show on Thursday, as dangerous winds caused nearly 2000 Canberra homes and businesses to lose power.

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Techheads taking on the world

Stephanie Anderson Local app designers are taking on the world wide web with a number of Canberrans debuting products internationally.

Brumbies' namesake still firing

1st September 2012, Story by Stephanie Anderson , Canberra Times Photo, Colleen Petch,  Rural fire service back burning  at the Canberra Equestrian centre this morning. 30 year old Jack with Karami Hearn onboard walk past the backburning, Jack survived the bushfires and is who the Brumbies mascot

Stephanie Anderson At 30 years old, Jack has lived through more local history than most horses.

Feeding democracy a boost to schools' coffers

Stephanie Anderson It's the highlight of the day for many voters.

Back in the swim again

Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre supervisor Bryan Pasfield is making sure everything is in place for the pool?s 50th Birthday celebration in November.


Stephanie Anderson When Bryan Pasfield opened the doors to the Manuka Pool on Saturday, it was the first time in more than 65 years that the key was not turned by a member of the Taverner family.