Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford is Editor-at-large, The Canberra Times

Was Colin Winchester the victim of a hitman after turning tables on drug farmers?

Jack Waterford When Canberra detectives saw the body of Colin Winchester slumped in his car in Deakin in January 1989, The killing bore all of the signs of a professional hit.

Day two: The hitman theory founders

Part 2: The Colin Winchester hitman theory founders

 Arrest of the Colin Winchester murder suspect, David Harold Eastman, left, at his Reid flat.

Jack Waterford When AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester was shot dead, the instinct was to see it as an audacious Mafia hit.

Who has right to power?

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford Comment ZED Seselja has the moral victory in the election, with a personal triumph and looking to have wrested two seats from the Greens.