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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Red Hill high-rise developments 'out of step' with Inner South homes

Public housing.

Kirsten Lawson The redevelopment of the Red Hill public-housing precinct includes a new road and caters for up to twice the number of residents. writes Kirsten Lawson.

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NSW expands Fluffy search as 199 request testing

Kirsten Lawson NSW authorities have expanded their asbestos search yet again after the discovery of a house in Orange confirmed to have contained loose-fill asbestos insulation before it was demolished two or three...

ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell to share territory's green vision with Nobel laureates


Kirsten Lawson and Primrose Riordan Canberra's national leadership on renewable energy has piqued the interest of Nobel laureates.

Mr Fluffy homeowners organise fund-raiser picnic day

Brianna Heseltine with baby Marcus and supporters of Fluffy Owners and Residents Action Group.

Kirsten Lawson Mr Fluffy homeowners are to meet at Federation Mall in front of Parliament House on Sunday.

Mr Fluffy home owners to rally at Parliament House

Dr Sue Packer.

Kirsten Lawson Mr Fluffy home owners to host family picnic day at Parliament House.

Mr Fluffy homeowners raise money to help families demolish houses

Kirsten Lawson Hundreds of Mr Fluffy homeowners met on the lawns in front of Old Parliament House on Sunday to launch a fundraiser to help families in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

More than 80 NSW residents request asbestos-insulation testing as search area widens

Abestos warning.

Kirsten Lawson More than 80 NSW residents have asked authorities to test insulation in their rooftops, as the state widens its search for loose-fill asbestos less than a fortnight after it began.

Yarralumla residents want answers on trucks of asbestos-contaminated waste from brickworks

Yarralumla Brickworks.

Kirsten Lawson Yarralumla residents meet on Wednesday night to seek answers from the ACT government on how it plans to safely move up to 14,400 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated waste from the Yarralumla brickworks.

Second solar farm on Monaro Highway poised for approval as first goes live

Here comes the sun: The 83,000-panel Royalla project will be opened on Wednesday.

Kirsten Lawson Switch turned on Royalla solar farm on Wednesday as construction poised to begin on second arry

Capital's Solar farm opens

FRV site manager Nick Wain inspects the operational solar panels during the Royalla Solar Farm official opening.

Kirsten Lawson, Sarah Connor and Ben Westcott Canberra is one step closer to meeting its 90 percent renewable energy target by 2020 by opening Australia's largest photovaltic solar farm

NSW launches investigation of 'Mr Fluffy' asbestos

Asbestos archive photo. Kambah resident Peter Symons lights up a cigarette outside his house that was de-tiled in a storm. The problem was that the house had asbestos in the roof and the damage prompted an all-night effort by men in coverall suits to seal the roof with plastic.  His fence was also smashed, he had damage to his garage and two large trees ended up in his built in swimming pool.

Kirsten Lawson The NSW Government will free inspections to owners of all homes built before 1980 in 14 local government areas in the southwest of the state to check for the dangerous loose-fill asbestos insulation.

Government swamped by 120 objections to the Uriarra solar farm

Uriarra village residents in front of the proposed site for a solar farm across the road to Uriarra Village.

Kirsten Lawson Residents have expressed concerns about the ruination of views and rural character, health impacts, loss of habitat, and the property values.

Expert warns solar farm brings bushfire risk to Uriarra Village

Uriarra village was rebuilt after the 2003 bushfires.

Kirsten Lawson A consultant has raised serious concerns about bushfire risk from the planned solar farm at Uriarra Village, warning power lines should be underground and a bank of screening trees pushed back at...

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National significance of Uriarra solar should not be underestimated, says ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell


Kirsten Lawson ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell dismisses residents' concerns about bushfire risk of new power line.

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Former tenants and owners given access to Mr Fluffy details


Kirsten Lawson Former tenants who can produce an electricity bill or similar will be able to find out whether they lived in a Mr Fluffy house.

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Greens minister Shane Rattenbury in four-day endurance race in South Africa

Shane Rattenbury is set to run 120km in four days in western South Africa.

Kirsten Lawson It's unlikely any ACT politicians have taken their exercise regimes to the extremes of Shane Rattenbury.

NSW has called on local governments to update their asbestos policies in light of the Mr Fluffy crisis in Canberra

No-one knows how many Queanbeyan homes might contain Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Kirsten Lawson Workcover NSW has written to local councils asking them to update their asbestos records in light of the Canberra Mr Fluffy cirsis to include information on loose-fill asbetsos insulation.

ACT Assembly to vote on increase to 25 members

Shane Rattenbury.

Kirsten Lawson The ACT Assembly is expected to vote on Tuesday to swell its numbers to 25, with eight new seats at the next election.

ACT will listen to wishes of Mr Fluffy homeowners who don't want their homes demolished


Kirsten Lawson The ACT government will take the views of Mr Fluffy homeowners into account before deciding whether to demolish their homes, Chief Minister Katy Gallagher said.

New ACT Assembly a win for the big parties and stability in politics


Kirsten Lawson One of the happy things about the ACT Assembly has always been its oddball tendency.

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