Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford is Editor-at-large, The Canberra Times

ASIC: the chicken sent to deal with crocodiles

Jack Waterford The Australian Securities and Investments Commission received a terrible pasting from a Senate committee this week.

Budget plan is cautious and conservative


Jack Waterford Here's the big secret. The ACT economy is in reasonably good shape despite the heavy hits from Penny Wong it has taken.

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A gentleman in an unforgiving world

Jack Waterford Bill Pritchett was one of many distinguished and able public servants who was monstered by the legendary Arthur Tange - head of the Defence Department - over the years.

2013-14 ACT Budget

Really, it's only mildly stimulating

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford Three months from now, Andrew Barr, as a loyal member of the ALP suicide watch, will be telling ACT voters - and anyone elsewhere who will listen - that an Abbott Coalition government will be an...

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Rudd squandered chances

Jack Waterford Kind words for Kevin Rudd from Labor supporters are going to be in short supply form today.

Who has right to power?

Jack Waterford Comment ZED Seselja has the moral victory in the election, with a personal triumph and looking to have wrested two seats from the Greens.