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Ron Cerabona is an arts reporter for The Canberra Times.

48 Hours: Your weekend guide to Canberra

Ron Cerabona Christmas gardens, festivals and twilight fetes. All here in your weekend guide.

Everyone's a critic as Les Mis hits or misses

Les Miserables cast member Kristin Zeitlhofer from the ensemble chats to Dave Smith who plays Jean Valjean about the differences of the film to the play at Dendy Cinema at the Canberra Centre.

Ron Cerabona The Canberra Philharmonic Society should not have anything to fear from the film of Les Miserables that opened on Boxing Day.

Summer School so cool

Young Music Society summer school at Canberra Boys Grammar School. Young students perform a number during their end of day concert.

Ron Cerabona ''Muppets and Merry Melodies'' was the theme of the 38th annual Young Music Society's Summer School.

48 hours: making the most of your weekend

48hrs dinkus

Ron Cerabona It's the last weekend in autumn, and here's just a couple of ways you can get out there and enjoy it.


Litbits - Ron Carabona

Ron Cerabona A quick look at literature around the capital.

48 hours: What's on in Canberra this week

Ron Cerabona Looking for entertainment in Canberra this weekend? Look no further.

Hair story more question than bestseller

Ron Cerabona Two of Australia's most popular authors for young people have a strong Canberra connection.

48 hours: What do do in Canberra this weekend

Ron Cerabona We look over some of the best ways to make the most of the weekend.

Capital Life

Queanbeyan's art trail

Ron Cerabona The seventh Queanbeyan Art Trail allows visitors to take a self-guided tour around 11 of the city's many studios.

Roll up as touring circus runs rings round city

Ron Cerabona Being interviewed while practising on stilts 2.5m above the ground is all part of a day's work for Eve Everard.

Cast raises curtain on Titanic relaunch

Ron Cerabona When RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage from England on April 10, 1912, it never reached its destination, New York City.