Ross Peake

Ross Peake

Wind farms: Canberra wants 90% of power home-grown

Ross Peake The ACT can boast it is leading the nation in the drive to use solar and wind power to heat and cool our homes

Memories of pride and joy as Governor-General Quentin Bryce says goodbye

Governor General Quentin Bryce.

Ross Peake Quentin Bryce recalled tears of sadness and joy as she reminisced about her five-year term as Governor-General.

'Lean years' coming for ACT with PS job cuts


Ross Peake The cuts to the federal public service will hit Canberra harder than Holden's job losses will affect South Australia.

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Mike Kelly moves in on Bob Carr's Senate vacancy


Ross Peake Former Eden-Monaro MP Mike Kelly will nominate for the vacancy created by Senator Carr’s resignation.

ACT alone as gloom builds in housing sector

Construction in the ACT has slowed.

Ross Peake The ACT economy may be entering a gloomy period, with building approvals slowing in contrast to national trends.

Flemming blames sacking on vendetta

Air Vice-Marshall, Jim Flemming.

Ross Peake The Air Force officer who was sacked as director of the Australian War Memorial says he was the victim of a left-wing vendetta.

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Democrats helped shape ACT electoral system

Gordon Scholes, pictured here at a press conference in September 1984.

Ross Peake As the ACT approached self-government, federal cabinet changed its mind after pressure from the Democrats on which electoral model to adopt for the Legislative Assembly.

Business tax reduction will save PS jobs: Greens

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Ross Peake The Greens say their policy to reduce the tax burden on Canberra's small business community will help offset the impact of the proposed cuts to the federal public service.

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Greens have faith in ACT Senate seat

Greens Candidate for the Senate Simon Sheikh.

Ross Peake Greens candidate Simon Sheikh has confidence for the difficult battle to win an ACT Senate seat in the election.

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Meanwhile in southern seat, adventurer plays team game

Forum. Greens candidate for the seat of Canberra, Julie Melrose, hands out information brochures outside the Tuggeranong Hyperdome. August 22nd 2013 Canberra Times photograph by Graham Tidy.

Ross Peake Julie Melrose has swapped scuba diving for handing out political pamphlets in chilly Canberra.

Seselja pledges to stand up to Abbott on moves

Election debate by Senate candidates, Labor's Senator Kate Lundy, right and the Liberal's Zed Seselja.

Ross Peake Zed Seselja has vowed to oppose Tony Abbott if a Coalition government tries to shift government departments out of Canberra.

Adding it up: 86 polling places, 1000 workers, $950,000 in costs

Ross Peake About 1000 people will be working on polling booths in Canberra on Saturday to ensure the election goes smoothly.

Seselja firms as Senate favourite but Sheikh still counting hopes

Ross Peake Liberal Senate candidate Zed Seselja has surged past the required one third of the vote in his own right after further counting of votes on Monday.

Counting continues in tight race for second Senate seat

NEWS: Zed Seselja chats with one of his campaign volunteers Rich Armitage at a post BBQ at Zed's parents place. 8th SEPTEMBER 2013 .Photograph by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

Ross Peake Liberal Senate candidate Zed Seselja has a Senate quota in his own right after further counting of votes on Monday.

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Ross Peake

X marks spot formally called vote

Volunteer, Alan Lomas of Evatt at the AEC counting room.

Ross Peake Is that mark on the ballot paper a tick or an X or a chicken scratch?

Ross Peake

Huge number of below-the-line votes deciding factor in tight race for Senate

Australian electoral officer for the ACT, Ian Gordon.

Ross Peake The outcome of the Senate race in the ACT hangs on the counting of below-the-line ballot papers, which begins on Wednesday.

Historic King's Hall bearing witness to rivals' Senate election victories

Ross Peake Historic King's Hall at Old Parliament House will be used for the first time for the formal declaration of the ACT Senate race.

New senator Zed Seselja may be on the move

Zed Seselja.

Ross Peake Newly elected Liberal senator Zed Seselja is determined to break tradition by moving his electorate office out of Civic.

Ross Peake

ACT risks election day fiscal cliff: analyst


Ross Peake The ACT economy risks stalling next financial year under the strain of federal government cutbacks, an economic study will warn on Tuesday.

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Demand to fix amenities before any change


Ross Peake The lack of shops and amenities in the Parliamentary Triangle must be examined before paid parking is introduced, according to the parliamentary committee that blocked the building of embassies in...