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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Peter Slipper moves to have Cabcharge fraud case thrown out

Christopher Knaus Former Federal Parliament Speaker Peter Slipper has moved to have the Cabcharge fraud case against him thrown out, saying prosecutors failed to prove he was not on parliamentary business during...

New Year's Day murder accused pleads not guilty

Balancing deals with consumer rights: the ACCC is on Spreets' case.

Christopher Knaus The man accused of bashing Canberra grandfather Miodrag Gajic to death on New Year's Day has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Peter Slipper set to finally face his day in court over alleged Cabcharge misuse

Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper.

Christopher Knaus Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper is expected to finally face his day in court on Monday over allegations he misused Cabcharge vouchers for a taxpayer-funded tour through Canberra region...

Judgment expected in Peter Slipper's bid to end fraud case

Peter Slipper departs the ACT Magistrates Court in Canberra on Wednesday 4 December 2013. Photo: Andrew Meares

Christopher Knaus Former federal speaker Peter Slipper will learn on Friday whether he has permanently halted the fraud case against him.

Peter Slipper loses another bid to have fraud charges dismissed

Peter Slipper outside court (file photo).

Christopher Knaus Former federal politician Peter Slipper has failed to stave off his day in court for alleged fraudulent use of cab vouchers.

Forensic expert in David Eastman case 'fundamentally flawed', inquiry hears

David Eastman.

Christopher Knaus Reliability of forensic evidence central to the conviction of David Harold Eastman subjected to sweeping and scathing attack.

Crucial forensics against Eastman "completely destroyed", inquiry hears

David Eastman

Christopher Knaus Lawyers for David Eastman say the forensic evidence upon which the case against their client was “so critically dependant” has been completely destroyed.

Eastman inquiry ends amid calls to remedy "gross miscarriage of justice"

David Eastman.

Christopher Knaus The Eastman inquiry has ended amid calls by the prisoner’s lawyers to finally remedy what they say has been a “gross miscarriage of justice”.

Prosecutors lose challenge to Eastman inquiry

Still behind bars: Convicted murderer David Eastman.

Christopher Knaus Prosecutors have lost a challenge threatening the very foundations of the inquiry into David Eastman's conviction.

David Eastman inquiry recommends murder conviction be quashed

David Eastman.

Christopher Knaus The Eastman inquiry has recommended David Harold Eastman's conviction for the assassination of ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester be quashed.

Forensic errors in David Eastman's conviction could not go unnoticed, expert says

Robert Collins Barnes, the expert witness whose reliability was

Christopher Knaus Former AFP forensics chief mistakes in gunshot residue analysis would not be allowed to happen today.

The David Eastman inquiry explained

Legal challenge: David Eastman was convicted of killing Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester.

Christopher Knaus 25 years ago two bullets, fired on a sleepy Deakin night, ended the age of innocence in Australia. Now an inquiry has recommended the man convicted of murdering the ACT's police chief walk free,...

Three judges to decide on Eastman guilt named

Christopher Knaus The three judges who could make the momentous decision to release David Eastman have been named.

Eastman evidence may have misled inquest: scientist

Christopher Knaus A forensic expert has admitted he may have misled the inquest on ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester and allowed ''unacceptable confusion'' in the labelling of gunshot residue taken from David...

Final witnesses give evidence in Eastman inquiry

Christopher Knaus After five months of hearings and a sea of evidence, inquiry shifts to business end of proceedings. But it's far from over.

Chapman home searched in Phillip homicide probe

Murdered Phillip man Miodrag Gajic, 71.

Christopher Knaus An elderly man murdered in his Phillip unit has been remembered as a kind-hearted, funny, and devoted family man.

Eastman inquiry told man borrowed his car, went shooting - may explain gunshot residue

Christopher Knaus A man who says he took David Harold Eastman's car to go rabbit shooting has been repeatedly questioned about why he never told police about the excursion.

David Eastman inquiry: witness denies making up rabbit shooting story

David Harold Eastman being arrested at his home.

Christopher Knaus A friend of David Eastman's has been repeatedly accused of inventing a story to help explain the presence of incriminating gunshot residue.

Police reveal suspect in Phillip murder investigation

Danny Klobucar exits the ACT Magistrates Court.

Christopher Knaus The identity of a suspect in the brutal killing of an elderly Phillip man on New Year's Day has been revealed in court.

David Anthony O'Brien pleads guilty to drug trafficking in ACT Supreme Court

Christopher Knaus A man who trapped, drugged and bashed his girlfriend in her bedroom has pleaded guilty to hiding almost a kilogram of cocaine and $40,000 cash under his neighbour's home.