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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Final witnesses give evidence in Eastman inquiry

Christopher Knaus After five months of hearings and a sea of evidence, inquiry shifts to business end of proceedings. But it's far from over.

Eastman evidence may have misled inquest: scientist

Christopher Knaus A forensic expert has admitted he may have misled the inquest on ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester and allowed ''unacceptable confusion'' in the labelling of gunshot residue taken from David...

David Eastman inquiry continues to pick over Robert Barnes' work

Christopher Knaus A forensic expert has denied deliberately selecting gunshot residue to support the argument he presented at David Eastman's trial.

Forensic expert Robert Barnes questioned at David Eastman inquiry

Christopher Knaus A forensic expert has been forced to respond to allegations he misled an inquest and deliberately selected gunshot residue evidence to support an argument that later would implicate David Eastman at...

Eastman expert witness gets grilling over inquest evidence

Robert Barnes leaves the ACT Supreme Courts

Christopher Knaus The forensic expert whose evidence proved critical in convicting David Eastman has been warned he will be questioned over whether he misled the inquest into the ACT police chief's death.

Eastman trial prosecutor admits in court information should have been passed to defence team

David Harold Eastman.

Christopher Knaus The prosecutor who led the trial against David Harold Eastman has admitted information raising questions of a crucial forensic expert should have been handed to the accused killer's defence team.

David Eastman inquiry: former prosecutor 'shocked' evidence wasn't given to defence

David Harold Eastman being arrested at his home.

Christopher Knaus The man responsible for marshalling forensic evidence used against the accused killer of the ACT’s police chief says prosecutors had ‘‘nothing to hide’’ from David Eastman’s defence team.

David Eastman prosecutor at loss over missing defence documents

Christopher Knaus The man responsible for marshalling forensic evidence used against the accused killer of the ACT's police chief says prosecutors had ''nothing to hide'' from David Eastman's defence team.

Eastman prosecutors 'knew of probe'

Rick Ninness Head of the Eastman investigation leaves the Law Courts of the ACT
The Canberra Times
25 February 2014
Photo Jay Cronan

Christopher Knaus The head detective on the Winchester case has denied his team had an ‘‘understanding’’ not to tell prosecutors that their key forensic witness was embroiled in an internal Victorian police...

Forensic expert at David Eastman trial was a self-declared 'police witness'

David Eastmen under arrest for the murder of Colin Winchester.

Christopher Knaus The key forensic expert who produced damning evidence against David Harold Eastman was secretly recorded assuring a senior detective he was a ''police witness''.

David Anthony O'Brien pleads guilty to drug trafficking in ACT Supreme Court

Christopher Knaus A man who trapped, drugged and bashed his girlfriend in her bedroom has pleaded guilty to hiding almost a kilogram of cocaine and $40,000 cash under his neighbour's home.

Eastman inquiry told man borrowed his car, went shooting - may explain gunshot residue

Christopher Knaus A man who says he took David Harold Eastman's car to go rabbit shooting has been repeatedly questioned about why he never told police about the excursion.

David Eastman inquiry: witness denies making up rabbit shooting story

David Harold Eastman being arrested at his home.

Christopher Knaus A friend of David Eastman's has been repeatedly accused of inventing a story to help explain the presence of incriminating gunshot residue.

Police reveal suspect in Phillip murder investigation

Danny Klobucar exits the ACT Magistrates Court.

Christopher Knaus The identity of a suspect in the brutal killing of an elderly Phillip man on New Year's Day has been revealed in court.

David Eastman displayed 'unbelieveable fury' about Colin Winchester

David Eastman

Christopher Knaus David Eastman’s doctor witnessed the convicted murderer display an ‘‘unbelievable’’ fury after he warned him against pushing assistant police commissioner Colin Winchester off his chair, an inquiry...

Chapman home searched in Phillip homicide probe

Murdered Phillip man Miodrag Gajic, 71.

Christopher Knaus An elderly man murdered in his Phillip unit has been remembered as a kind-hearted, funny, and devoted family man.

David Eastman murder inquiry begins

David Harold Eastman.

Christopher Knaus A mental health report that may have been seen by David Harold Eastman’s trial judge included information suggesting the judge could be the target of a planned ‘‘homicidal attack’’, an inquiry has...

Security guard who helped rob Weston club loses appeal


Christopher Knaus A security guard who acted as the inside man in a $124,000 robbery of the Weston Labor Club has lost a bid to have his conviction overturned.

Victim of Tuggeranong murder plot tells of fear, mistrust

Christopher Knaus A man who was chased through Tuggeranong bushland by a trio who had plotted his murder has told a court of suffering "five years of sleepless nights, five years of looking over my shoulder" while...

Don't take sizzle out of fund-raising

Charities and sporting clubs in the ACT are being forced to turn volunteers into food safety supervisors at barbecues because of controversial new food safety regulations.

Christopher Knaus New regulations requiring fund-raising barbecues to be overseen by ''food safety supervisors'' have provoked a mixed reaction.

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