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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Katy Gallagher defends asbestos record

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher.

Emma Macdonald ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has defended her handling of asbestos  over the past decade, saying no jurisdiction had done more to highlight and promote safety than the ACT.

Road planned over asbestos dump

Asbestos ready to be buried in Canberra in the 1990s.

Emma Macdonald A massive asbestos waste dump in Gungahlin that contains the original Mr Fluffy asbestos removed from more than 1000 Canberra homes in the 1980s is being tested before the ACT government builds a...

Family endures Canberra winter in Mr Fluffy home with no lights, heating

Annabel Yagos, of Fisher, with her two children six-month-old Charlotte  and Jacob, 2.

Emma Macdonald It is not ideal to bath very young children in an unheated bathroom to the dim glow of a camp light during a Canberra winter. But Annabel and Jonathan Yagos have no choice.

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'Mr Fluffy' asbestos families form action group to lobby ACT government

Spokesperson for the 'Mr Fluffy' owners and residents action group, Brianna Heseltine, with her baby Marcus.

Emma Macdonald Brianna Heseltine has stepped forward to become the public face of Canberra households affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Private Capital

Kingston: Where all the cool kids go

Ellie Raymond and Effie Kochinos, owners of the new hip cafe in Kingston, Penny University.

Emma Macdonald On guard! Those hipsters have broken from the confines of Lonsdale Street, Braddon, and staged a southside invasion!

Islamic school denied registration after highly critical review

Education Minister Joy Burch.

Emma Macdonald Proposed new Islamic school will not take enrolments this year after failing to plan for basic teaching, curriculum or child-safety requirements.

NAPLAN: Independent schools a point or two above the pack in My School rankings

Torrens Primary School Principal Sue Mueller with year 3 students have done brilliantly in the MySchool NAPLAN results.

Emma Macdonald The Canberra Times' league tables of ACT schools' literacy and numeracy scores continue to show that independent schools dominate their Catholic and government counterparts.

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Royals bask in capital of goodwill

Megan Doherty, Emma Macdonald and Jil Hogan It was declared by Prime Minister Tony Abbott as one of the best ever royal tours and Canberra played its part in a day full of goodwill and high spirits as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge charmed...

Ten years on, astrophysicist Schmidt's rebuilt dream comes close to ashes

Emma Macdonald Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist Brian Schmidt might be agnostic but this weekend resorted to his own version of prayer.

Salaries soar for 'super teachers'

Macquarie Primary School Teacher Amanda Hawkins.
The Canberra TImes
28 March 2013
Photo Jay Cronan

Emma Macdonald Thirty-year-old Canberra teacher Amanda Hawkins never went into the profession for the money.

ACT children fare better on wellbeing than peers


Emma Macdonald Canberra's five-year-olds are slightly less vulnerable to developmental delays than other children across Australia.

Non-government schools win big but PS staff feel the pinch

Minister for Education, Joy Burch MLA.

Emma Macdonald Non-government schools have received a windfall in the ACT budget while the number of education bureaucrats will be cut to help pay for new spending.

Burch ignored advice on schools

ACT Budget 2013 ACT Minister for Disability Joy Burch.

Emma Macdonald ACT Education Minister Joy Burch ignored her own directorate's advice and approved two new private schools in Canberra despite warnings that one lacks viable enrolments and another threatens...

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Scaffolder stripped of licence after building site collapse

Emma Macdonald A scaffolder has lost his licence for a year in a first for ACT Work Safety inspectors who are cracking down on fall risks.

Just the bare necessities as budget bites autonomous school

Emma Macdonald Duffy Primary School has run over budget with staff being told that only essentials like toilet paper and handwash can be purchased until the end of the year.

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Tight, targeted new spending for schools

Emma Macdonald A modest education budget was announced yesterday which focuses on bringing two new schools into operation, supports the territory's increasing numbers of students with disabilities, and starts a...