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Capital embrace a hit as royals leave their mark on city

Jenna Clarke ''OH, I like that,'' beamed the Prince of Wales as he admired Alyson Richards's T-shirt covered with a print of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Oz Day fireworks a real fizzer this time

26/01/2013 EAST 37203 MPIE
Australia Day
Picture by Gary Sissons. 
Photo taken at Mornington Pier.
The Firework display sponsored by The Weekly set off on a barge in the Harbour at Mornington.

Jenna Clarke Canberra’s cancelled Australia Day fireworks were damaged and unable to be put into storage for next year’s event.

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Supporters fly to defence of Skywhale


Jenna Clarke Through Skywhale, Robyn Archer has planted a seed for the future of Canberra's creativity, according to the artwork's owner and pilot.

The horse play that's sweeping the nation

The Gangham Style.

Jenna Clarke For a long time in Canberra, (political) party rocking and shuffling were popular both up on Capital Hill and in nightclubs.