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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Peter Slipper appeals his fraud conviction

Michael Inman Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper will fight to overturn his conviction for fraud.

Prosecutors say kill plot trio should do more time

Generic jail.

Michael Inman ACT's DPP says three young men who plotted to kill a Canberra teenager should do more jail time.

Burglars jailed after looting cancer patient's home


Michael Inman Two men who looted the home of a cancer patient while he was in Sydney for surgery have been jailed.

Peter Slipper wants charges dismissed on mental health grounds

Peter Slipper at a previous court appearance in December.

Michael Inman Former federal politician Peter Slipper will ask a Canberra court to drop the fraud charges against him on mental health grounds.

Peter Slipper's fraud case to be heard in higher court

Peter Slipper arrives at the ACT Magistrate Court in Canberra on Tuesday 3 December 2013. Photo: Andrew Meares

Michael Inman Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper will take his challenge to the validity of charges against him to the ACT Supreme Court.

Addict accused of smashing up southside methadone clinic

Michael Inman A Waramanga woman accused of smashing up a southside methadone clinic after it refused to give her takeaway medication has appeared in court for breaching her bail conditions.

Doctor accused of indecent acts files for bankruptcy

Michael Inman A Canberra doctor accused of fondling a patient has filed for bankruptcy and is living off the public purse, a court has heard.

Shooting victim Jonathan Crowley pleads for help

Jonathan Crowley in Care in Freshwater.

Michael Inman Jonathan Crowley's existence is as bleak as his tiny room in a Sydney care home.

Peter Slipper seeks stay of charges over Cabcharges

Peter Slipper arrives at the ACT Magistrate Court in Canberra on Tuesday 3 December 2013. Photo: Andrew Meares

Michael Inman Lawyers for former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper say allegations he misused taxi vouchers should be investigated by parliament, not the courts.

Real estate agent took client's money for own home loan

Michael Inman A Canberra real estate agent who used a client’s money to pay his home loan and then lied to cover the con has been stripped of his licence and been banned for five years.

Canberra doctor Ammar Dhaimat accused of kissing patient

Dr Ammar Dhaimat.

Michael Inman A Canberra doctor accused of kissing and groping a patient says the woman had asked about banned ''diet pills'' and steroids during the Anzac Day consultation.

Canberra doctor guilty of kissing patient

Michael Inman A jury has found a Canberra doctor guilty of groping and kissing a patient during an Anzac Day consultation last year.

Canberra doctor on trial for acts of indecency on patient

On trial ... Dr Ammar Dhaimat.

Michael Inman Patient thought the first kiss - "for luck" - had been a cultural misunderstanding, but then came two more.

Peter Slipper, suffering mental illness, seeks dropping of charges in ACT Magistrates Court

Michael Inman Peter Slipper's legal team has foreshadowed an application to have the charges against the former parliamentary speaker dropped on grounds of mental illness.

Warrants were out for motorcyclist who died in crash

Michael Inman and John-Paul Moloney A man killed after crashing a stolen motorcycle on Canberra Avenue on Monday morning was wanted by police for motor vehicle theft.

Guilty plea for smash and steal on parking, poker machines


Michael Inman A Macquarie man has admitted to a four month crime spree which netted tens-of-thousands of dollars from pay parking machines and a southside club.

Trial for paramedic accused of indecency against girls

Michael Inman A NSW paramedic accused of offences against two girls has been committed to stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court.

Robber's parents 'forced him into crime'

jail cell imprisoned generic  

Michael Inman An armed robber says he was forced into a life of crime by his drug-addicted parents.

Murder plot trio found guilty by jury

Alexander Duffy leaves the Supreme Court in Canberra.

Christopher Knaus and Michael Inman Three young men who chased a teenager through Tuggeranong bushland with a baseball bat after preparing a car boot for his dead body have been found guilty by an ACT Supreme Court jury.

Attempt to narrow Eastman inquiry

David Eastman on his way to the ACT Supreme Court to face charges concerning the murder of Assistant Commissioner Winchester.

Michael Inman and Jack Waterford The DPP has launched a second attempt to downgrade the inquiry into David Harold Eastman's murder conviction.