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Capital embrace a hit as royals leave their mark on city

Jenna Clarke ''OH, I like that,'' beamed the Prince of Wales as he admired Alyson Richards's T-shirt covered with a print of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Museum head pays tribute to legacy of Robert Hughes

Director of The British Museum, Neil MacGregor, right, is in Canberra to deliver the Robert Hughes Lecture. National Gallery Director, Rod Radford, speaks with Mr MacGregor in front of the John Olsen work,

Jenna Clarke The boss of the British Museum, who will conduct the inaugural Robert Hughes Memorial Lecture at the National Gallery of Australia today, knows the importance of material ''things''.

Name game vital for apartment marketers

Nina Markovic has bought apartment number 13 in the Friday Boutique Apartments in Griffith.

Stephanie Anderson, Jenna Clarke Canberra's apartment listings can sometimes sound more like a science textbook than suburban addresses.

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Skin and bros: tattoos all part of the culture club for young stars

Raiders star  Josh Dugan

Jenna Clarke If tattoos are considered to be body art then Canberra Raiders stars Sandor Earl and Josh Dugan are walking, talking and tackling art galleries.

Clothes maketh the men find manners

Deanne Barnes, centre, won the best dressed prize on Sunday. With her are Tracey Clifford, left, and Tracy Rowe, right.

Jenna Clarke Deanne Barnes is a serious follower of vintage fashion.

Pay them not to tweet

Josh Dugan.

Jenna Clarke Sports stars should be a paid a bonus for not having a social media profile, according to National Institute of Sport Studies director Keith Lyons, who suggests young athletes should receive cash...

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Sticky beaks and noisy squawks at open day

Government House Open Day, Canberra.

Jenna Clarke The Governor-General may be the head of the household but at Government House it's the cockatoos who rule the roost.

It's cheers to the Centenary with a 'Centini'


Jenna Clarke A local bon vivant has created the perfect digestif for the bile caused by Skywhale - the official Centenary martini.

People make better Bananas, says academic

Jenna Clarke Animation killed Bananas in Pyjamas, according to a leading cultural academic.

Woman hit by car in Civic

ACT police cordoned off a section of Northbourne
Avenue and London Circuit for more than an hour on Saturday night after a young woman was hit by a car in Civic.

Lisa Cox and Jenna Clarke An 18-year-old Curtin woman in critical condition in Canberra Hospital after being struck by a car in Civic on Saturday night.

The horse play that's sweeping the nation

The Gangham Style.

Jenna Clarke For a long time in Canberra, (political) party rocking and shuffling were popular both up on Capital Hill and in nightclubs.