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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Red Hill happy to see public housing go but worried about high-rise apartments


Kirsten Lawson Anger over plans to include only about 10 per cent public housing in the redevelopment blocks across the city.

Public housing blocks and spate of land to be rezoned

The troubled Stuart Flats in Griffith.

Kirsten Lawson The government has signalled opening up major public housing blocks for redevelopment.

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'Historic moment' as Mr Fluffy house demolished


Kirsten Lawson A Mr Fluffy house in Woden was demolished this morning, signalling the start of what could turn into a wave of demolitions across the city.

Community and sporting groups feel the pinch


Kirsten Lawson Community and sporting groups will feel the pinch as Canberra's clubs cut sponsorships and donations after a drastic decline in revenue made worse by restrictions on ATM withdrawals this year.

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Hanson calls for registered mail-out after asbestos homeowner missed

Kirsten Lawson Liberal leader Jeremy Hanson is calling on the government to write to homeowners that contained Mr Fluffy asbestos insulation by registered mail following revelations that a homeowner was missed by...

Shane Rattenbury decries cash splash for political parties after elections

Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury.

Kirsten Lawson Committee recommends a fourfold increase in the amount political parties are given in public funding after each election.

ACT government's new office block for public servants gets green light

Treasurer Andrew Barr.

Kirsten Lawson The government's new office block for ACT public servants is back on the agenda, with Treasurer Andrew Barr calling for registrations of interest to build it.

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Rail extension on the planning track


Kirsten Lawson Without a sod turned on Stage 1 of the Capital Rail line, the government has appointed a consortium to investigate extending it to the rest of the city.

Canberra politicians win $7500 a year pay rise


Kirsten Lawson Remuneration Tribunal recommends big pay hike, with a similar increase foreshadowed for next year.

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ACT clubs in financial strife draw line in the sand on tax rises

Falling poker machine revenue is hurting ACT clubs.

Kirsten Lawson ACT clubs have warned the Government they cannot absorb and will not tolerate any tax hikes in the coming budget.

Former ACT speaker Greg Cornwell calls for limit to MLA terms

Kirsten Lawson Former ACT Assembly speaker Greg Cornwell says MLAs should serve a maximum of 12 years.

Simon Corbell suggests limit on pre-polling time

Mr Corbell said there was an argument that people might change their vote before election day depending on events during the campaign.

Kirsten Lawson Labor and the Greens are pushing for a lower cap on the amount candidates can spend in election campaigns.

Property Council 'vehemently opposed' to a special rates zone or levy to fund light rail


Kirsten Lawson The Property Council is "vehemently opposed" to a special rates zone or levy to fund the light rail line.

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ACT 2014 Budget: Rates rises, higher fees and deficits

ACT chief Minister Katy Gallagher.

Kirsten Lawson The ACT Government plunges deep into deficit in the coming year, in a budget whose impact Canberrans will feel in an across-the-board rise in rates, increased water charges and higher parking and...

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No downgrade for the ACT's triple-A credit rating, says Standard and Poor's

Kirsten Lawson Standard and Poor's doesn’t expect to downgrade the ACT’s triple-A stable credit rating, despite forecasts of a big deficit in last week’s budget.

Sydney building businesses prepare for the worst after fire

IGA manager, Abdul Osman outside the store on East Row.

Kirsten Lawson There was no joy for businesses affected by the Sydney building fire in their bid for compensation, with the ACT Government giving short shrift to the suggestion at a meeting on Friday.

ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green renews push for pay increase

Kirsten Lawson The ACT Electoral Commissioner has made a second bid for an increase in pay, pointing out that he is paid less than any of his counterparts in other states and territories while the workload has...

Growing concern: Yarralumla Garden Centre sold to Heritage Nursery

Kirsten Lawson, Ben Westcott The ACT government has sold the Yarralumla Garden Centre business to Bruno and Hedy Zimmermann at the next-door Heritage Nursery.

ACT one step closer to an expanded Legislative Assembly

The Legislative Assembly, Civic.

Tom McIlroy and Kirsten Lawson The ACT is one step closer to an expanded Legislative Assembly after the Canberra Liberals endorsed a plan for a 25-member chamber.

Growing Assembly sets off hunt for Canberra space

Kirsten Lawson, Tom McIlroy A 25-member Assembly will force a redesign of the Legislative Assembly building.

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