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A weekend in your suburb: 36 hours in O'Connor

08  March  2012  .Canberra Times photo by RICHARD BRIGGS.     The  newly opened Duxton  bar in O'Connor. It was formerly the All Bar Nunn.

Hamish Boland-Rudder New to Canberra? Made the move across the lake? Or maybe you're just keen to discover the hidden treasures of another suburb? Hamish Boland-Rudder kicks off our Suburban Series with this look at how...

$400,000 damage in Gungahlin blaze

Hamish Boland-Rudder A fire in Ngunnawal caused an estimated $400,000 worth of damage on Sunday afternoon.

Amazing feats in latest addition to show

Hamish Boland-Rudder Juggling balls in two hands can be challenging enough. Juggling another human being with your feet is incredible.

Threat of legal action against wind farm hosts

Wind farm.

Hamish Boland-Rudder Anti-wind farm resident of Collector says he will sue his neighbours should they become turbine hosts.

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Little Erica's first blooming wonderful walk

News: Local plant ecologist Michael Doherty conducted a Spring wildflower bush walk around Mt Majura. The walk highlights different species found in grassland, woodland and open forest. Matthew Hole, Vanessa Haverd and 11-day-old baby Erica Hole sit next to endangered Hoary Sunray, Leucochrysum albicans var. This was Erica's first bush walk. 3rd of November 2013. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Hamish Boland-Rudder Here's a baby that's an early adopter - just 11 days old, Erica Hole has already been for her first bushwalk.

Motorcyclist killed as fires flare up

Strong winds prompted a police warning of dangerous road conditions.

Hamish Boland-Rudder Strong winds fanned bushfires throughout the region, prompting a police warning after a motorcyclist was killed on Sunday.

Two biker deaths linked to Snowy Ride motorcycle charity event

Motorcycle Motor Cycle Motor Bike Motorbike Speed Generic.  Flinders Street.

Hamish Boland-Rudder It was a horror weekend for motorcyclists in NSW with four separate fatal crashes, two of which have been linked to a charity event in the Snowy Mountains on the weekend.

Melbourne Cup set to stop less of the nation

Melbourne Cup.

Hamish Boland-Rudder It's the race that stops a nation - or is it?

Diwali shines a light on tradition

NEWS: Deepavali celebrations at the Hindu Temple and Cultural centre, Florey. Pic shows Sita, Lovisha Grover and Lord Rama, Krish Dang.   3rd NOVEMBER 2013. Photo by Melissa Adams of The Canberra Times

Hamish Boland-Rudder When people talk of shining a light unto the world, it is usually more figurative than literal. But not on Sunday night.

Heat is on as rain prepares to dampen fun in sun

Hamish Boland-Rudder It's hot, then it's cold - it's wet, then it snows.

Festival promises a timely celebration of gay identity

David Sequeira and Ben O'Reilly two of the organisers of the SpringOUT Festival that will be held at Westlund House in Acton.

Hamish Boland-Rudder It might be a coincidence but the timing of Canberra's queer cultural festival could not be better.

Canberra Airport gets new undercover taxi rank

A new undercover taxi rank - Australia's first - unveilled at the Canberra Airport.

Hamish Boland-Rudder There are two very common first impressions of Canberra often shared on social media – the weather and waiting at the airport’s taxi rank.

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Canberra Mornings Live: Wednesday November 20

Canberra Mornings Live blog thumbnails.

Hamish Boland-Rudder Bringing you breaking news from across the capital and beyond, including weather, traffic updates and what the capital is talking about.

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Canberra Mornings Live: Thursday November 21

Canberra mornings live

Hamish Boland-Rudder Bringing you breaking news from across the capital and beyond, including weather, traffic updates, and what the capital is talking about.

Canberra Mornings Live: Friday November 22

Canberra Mornings Live blog thumbnails.

Hamish Boland-Rudder Bringing you breaking news from across the capital and beyond, including weather, traffic updates, and what the capital is talking about.

Record-breaking Christmas display draws marriage proposal

Sunday. Peter Qin, 27 of Bruce, made a proposal of marriage to Evelin Xu, 26, also of Bruce, at the Christmas light show at the Tennyson Crescent home of the Richards family in Forrest. November 30th. 2013 Canberra Times Photograph by Graham Tidy.

Hamish Boland-Rudder Romance was in the air thanks to a proposal of marriage under more than 500,000 twinkling fairy lights.

Collector wind farm opponents angry about government approval

The Young family from Goulburn, Graham, Terrie, Gus (8), Austin (5), Marlowe (4), Sonny (2) at the Gunning Wind Farm ahead of National Wind Farm open day on Saturday.
Filed: Thursday, 10 October 2013 8:15:27 PM 
Photo by Rohan Thomson, The Canberra Times


Hamish Boland-Rudder Opponents of a wind farm at Collector say the fight isn't over.

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Same-sex marriage laws: Tears and determination at High Court ruling

A couple embrace in front of same-sex marriage protestors at the High Court of Australia in Canberra on Thursday 12 December 2013. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Hamish Boland-Rudder and Tom McIlroy Waiting for Thursday's landmark ruling on the ACT same-sex marriage legislation, Michelle Stockwell studied the Australian coat-of-arms outside the High Court.

Cleaners take a shine to better pay and greater job security

Hamish Boland-Rudder Not all cleaners are as lucky as Jagoda Barisic. Scrubbing, wiping, and vacuuming her way through the classrooms, offices and corridors of Ngunnawal Primary School, Mrs Barisic says for her, cleaning...

Goodbye Holden: Old hand at the wheel laments passing of a brand on the run

Colin Tierney, Holden enthusiast, owns a garage full of old Holdens that likely had a bit of a bump in value today after Holden's decision to cease production in Australia. He races one of them, and has loved Holdens all his life. He's afraid that the Holden name itself might disappear and be replaced by GM, which would be a huge shame.

Hamish Boland-Rudder It's not just the loss of skill and quality that worries Canberra Holden enthusiast Colin Tierney after the decision to cease production by 2017.