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Real men like to get their hands dirty

Pic shows a large crowd at Floriade from the ferris wheel.

Jenna Clarke Whatever you do, don't call Michael Benney a pansy. That is unless you are admiring his hanging basket bursting with an assortment of parsley, coriander and pansies he made at Floriade yesterday.

Catering empire in tax probe

august 17 2010. panorama QA Sarina Talip Canberra Times photo GARY SCHAFER. Restauranteur Fiona Wright. SPECIAL 1

Jenna Clarke Liquidators are investigating businesses owned by prominent Canberra restaurateur Fiona Wright.

For capital creativity, meet The Milkbar collective

Members of a new group of creatives who have opened a shared space called Milkbar in Greensquare, Kingston.


Jenna Clarke It's as if Andy Warhol has risen from the grave and moved his famous Factory to Canberra. The exposed brick walls of the new Kingston co-operative space, The Milkbar studios, which opened last night,...

The horse play that's sweeping the nation

The Gangham Style.

Jenna Clarke For a long time in Canberra, (political) party rocking and shuffling were popular both up on Capital Hill and in nightclubs.

Diesel on tip of your tongue this NYE


Jenna Clarke Diesel and fireworks will be on the tip of every Canberran's tongue this New Year's Eve.

Teen's passion brings Hunger Games call-up

Alfred Deakin High School year 9 student Nikki Pinter in the school library.

Jenna Clarke Australia's own Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games has been discovered in Canberra.

Hats on to a royal encounter and Cup fun

The Age
picture Justin McManus.
Fashions on the Field 50th anniversary at Mural Hall in Myer.
Angela Menz.

By Jenna Clarke Canberra identities will be the big winners of the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday.

Royals farewell capital and make off with bootful of bouquets

Krystal Ahn Lobb waits for the arrival of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall at the Australian War.

Jenna Clarke KRYSTAL ANH LOBB wanted to meet the Queen after watching a TV show, but yesterday she decided a duchess was better.

Capital embrace a hit as royals leave their mark on city

Britain's Prince Charles (L) chats with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Jenna Clarke ''OH, I like that,'' beamed the Prince of Wales as he admired Alyson Richards's T-shirt covered with a print of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Museum head pays tribute to legacy of Robert Hughes

Director of The British Museum, Neil MacGregor, right, is in Canberra to deliver the Robert Hughes Lecture. National Gallery Director, Rod Radford, speaks with Mr MacGregor in front of the John Olsen work,

Jenna Clarke The boss of the British Museum, who will conduct the inaugural Robert Hughes Memorial Lecture at the National Gallery of Australia today, knows the importance of material ''things''.

Bambi, Shaggle Frock and co get their skates on

Four of Canberra's best roller derby players, front  Christine Murray, 27 of Spence known as

Jenna Clarke A group of Canberra's best roller derby players are heading to Sydney to see if they can ''whip it'' like Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore did in the 2009 film of the same name.

Fans use fiction to keep vampires alive

Scene from the film TWILIGHT Kirsten Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward)

Jenna Clarke As Twilight sparkles for the last time, the legion of teen fans around the world are not allowing the story of Edward and Bella to end so are instead going into DIY denial and picking up where...

Lycra, hat, bike. Let's road test this ritual

Canberra Times Journalist Jenna Clarke looks into the cost of decking yourself out top to toe as a 'serious' cyclist .

Jenna Clarke If you are a man and want to be able to sip lattes while wearing Lycra with Canberra's cycling set, then you must be prepared to pick up a razor and learn how to colour co-ordinate.

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Name game vital for apartment marketers

Nina Markovic has bought apartment number 13 in the Friday Boutique Apartments in Griffith.

Stephanie Anderson, Jenna Clarke Canberra's apartment listings can sometimes sound more like a science textbook than suburban addresses.

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Formal season celebrates the return of glamour

Elise Bills,18 of Jerrabomberra and Chris Valencia,18 of Yass .

Jenna Clarke In Canberra, a town renowned for formalities, kids get a taste for the black tie lifestyle before being old enough to undertake a bachelors degree.

Regatta regales capital with strict fashion rules

Jenna Clarke Attention Canberra, it is time to do away with sensible style and embrace bright floral prints, bow ties and braces for the inaugural Burley Griffin Regatta.

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No Hobbits in Limelight this Christmas

J R R Tolkien fan Emily Campbell is looking forward to the Canberra screening of The Hobbit. She bought tickets to the midnight premiere screening at Limelight, but it has been cancelled.

Jenna Clarke Canberra fans of The Hobbit won't be having a very merry Christmas as the midnight premiere of the long-awaited Lord of the Rings prequel has been cancelled.

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Gillard to say goodbye in post apocalyptic world: Psychic of The Year

Gillard and Shorten

Jenna Clarke The world will not end on Friday and Prime Minister Julia Gillard will not be in the top job for much longer according to Canberra’s Psychic of the Year.

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Santa is bringing Zara to town

Canberra Times, contributed photo- Zara store, coming to the Canberra centre.


Jenna Clarke Santa Claus is coming to town and so is Zara. Amidst the Christmas retail rush this week the fashionably famous Spaniard snuck into Civic.

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Zara store prepares to open doors

Canberra Times, contributed photo- Zara store, coming to the Canberra centre.


Jenna Clarke Canberra's first Zara boutique will open its doors in ''early March'' after a recruitment process to rival a Hunger Games-style battle.

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