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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Housing tenant doubts Northbourne Flats upgrade will happen

Kirsten Lawson After more than 30 years in public-housing unit, Alison Creet says she would move tomorrow if she had the chance.

Concerns grow over ACT planning bill


Kirsten Lawson The National Trust has blasted the ACT government's feedback time on fast-track planning legislation as grossly inadequate.

Scrapping travel budget halts Liberals' study tour

Kirsten Lawson Liberal backbencher Nicole Lawder has been forced to cancel a planned $17,000 study tour of public housing in Britain.

Regulator rejects bid for power price hike

Kirsten Lawson Canberrans will save an average $24 a year on electricity bills in the year from July.

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Auditor-general's report on Actew water pricing 'defies logic': ICRC

Water generic

Kirsten Lawson Pricing commissioner Malcolm Gray has hit back at Auditor-General Maxine Cooper over ACTEW's water and sewerage pricing, saying parts of her report defy logic.

ACT fast-track development laws bypasss key planning processes

Kirsten Lawson Next week, game-changing laws set to drive a bulldozer through parts of the city's planning process are to be fast-tracked through the ACT Legislative Assembly

Northbourne heritage at risk from fast-track planning

Northbourne Avenue

Kirsten Lawson The ACT Heritage Council says heritage nominations for buildings along Northbourne Avenue could be effectively annulled.

Celebration as seed capital reaches century

Kirsten Lawson Fifty million plants later, the Yarralumla Nursery celebrated its 100th birthday on Sunday.

Delays mean Phoenix bar not yet ready to rise from the ashes

Kirsten Lawson Almost two months after fire destroyed parts of the Sydney Building, the Phoenix bar is still not open due to red tape.

Liberal MLAs Vicki Dunne and Giulia Jones' controversial study tour to proceed

Vicki Dunne

Tom McIlroy, Kirsten Lawson Changes to rules on taxpayer-funded travel by ACT politicians won't stop Liberal MLAs' controversial study tour.

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Study tours for MLAs and spouses abolished

The Legislative Assembly, Civic.

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy The Remuneration Tribunal has abolished taxpayer-funded study tours and spousal travel for members of the ACT Legislative Assembly.

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New ACT planning laws delayed for further community consultation

Kirsten Lawson Greens Minister bows to pressure and persuades the ACT government to delay passing its new planning laws.

Fast-track development: Room along the avenue for extra 45,000 residents

Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development Simon Corbell.

Kirsten Lawson The ACT government believes there will be room for at least another 45,000 residents along Northbourne Avenue under redevelopment of the main road into the city.

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Tenants told to make way

Plans to redevelop as many as 853 units in the Northbourne Avenue and Cooyong Street.

Kirsten Lawson Public housing tenants are facing major disruption as the government redevelops as many as 853 units along Northbourne Avenue and Cooyong Street as part of its revitalisation of the city centre.

ACT Liberal leader Jeremy Hanson says no to bigotry but backs George Brandis on free speech plans

ACT Liberal Leader Jeremy Hanson condemned 'bigotry' yesterday, but stopped short of opposing the George Brandis changes to race discrimination law.

Kirsten Lawson ACT Liberal leader Jeremy Hanson stopped short of opposing the George Brandis changes to race discrimination law.

ACT Attorney-General plans to slash compensation for violent crime victims

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy The ACT government is considering significantly curtailing the amount victims of violent crime can claim in compensation.

No mass demolition of Mr Fluffy houses

Kirsten Lawson Attorney-General Simon Corbell has dismissed a call for Mr Fluffy asbestos houses to be demolished.

ACT store owners slam proposals to limit the sale of tobacco

Kirsten Lawson Convenience store owners have slammed the ACT government's plan to further restrict tobacco sales.

NSW Labor MP Steve Whan accused Liberals of nimbyism over wind farms

NSW Labour parliamentarian Steve Whan has accused conservative MPs of hypocrisy in their attack on wind farms around Canberra.

Kirsten Lawson NSW Labor MP Steve Whan has accused conservative MPs of hypocrisy in their attack on wind farms around Canberra

Auditor-general's report slams ICRC, questions validity of water and sewerage prices

Dr Maxine Cooper

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy Poor communication, conflicts of interest, and accusations of influencing the political process are highlighted in an Auditor-general's report into the setting of water and sewerage prices last year.

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