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A sneak peek in Canberra's intriguing homes

The Australian Institute of Architects annual ACT awards is offering the chance for a sneak peek into some of Canberra’s most intriguing homes.

The institute has revealed a short list for one of the capital’s most prestigious architecture awards. A selection can be seen in the accompanying photogallery.

A jury will judge entries across eight categories including commercial, heritage and residential architecture. They will also award an additional six prizes in addition to each category, including the Art in Architecture Award and the Award for Enduring Architecture.

As well as the range of private homes, other entries in the annual awards included the Realm Precinct and the Village Centre at the National Arboretum.

Manuka Oval’s controversial lighting scheme is also in the running an award.

Designed by Cox Architecture, the 47 metre high towers were among the 43 entries submitted for the 2013 ACT Architecture Awards.


Project director Ian Smith said the six “sculptural” towers were something new for the nation in terms of lighting.

“They’re not just generic responses,” he said.

“With light towers previously, no one has ever thought of it as an opportunity to do something interesting.”

The award submission outlined the debate and “buzz” generated by the lighting installation, which Mr Smith described as positive. Despite some initial backlash, he said people would come to accept the light towers, “even if grudgingly”.

The awards will be presented at the National Arboretum on June 22.

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