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A Valentine's Day surprise date includes a giraffe at the National Zoo and Aquarium

A Valentine's Day date with a giraffe was a dream come true for Canberrans Kerry and Craig Lyttle, who checked in to their giraffe treehouse on Valentine's Day at the National Zoo and Aquarium.

After 34 years of marriage, their wedding anniversary – February 7 – was still a very special occasion.

Despite the celebrations being a week late this year, Kerry said she was pleased their experience had landed on Valentine's Day.

"Originally when we were going to get married we tried to get Valentine's Day but it was booked out, so we had to settle for the week before," she said.

"Being able to do this today is really good for us. I'm really excited."

Kerry said the pair's special bond was strengthened by spending time together.


"I think it's important to our relationship to be able to do this. Not that we have any children at home any more, but it's exciting for us. I look more forward to doing something like this once a year than I do anything else," she said.

The luxury lodge experience – complete with an African-style dinner and the roaring of lions at 3am – was a surprise for Craig.

Every year since their wedding, the couple has nurtured their relationship by alternating turns to surprise each other for their anniversary.

Kerry admitted she had topped the list this year, with her choice of visiting Jamala Wildlife Lodge within the National Zoo and Aquarium.

"I just love giraffes – the whole idea of them being able to come up to your balcony is very exciting," she said.

"Craig's dream is to go to Africa, so until we can afford to do this, this is the next best thing."

The surprise was a success, and Craig said he thought the idea was "absolutely fantastic".

"Hopefully in the morning the giraffe is poking his head over [our balcony]. He will probably be able to lick us from there."