Alistair Coe

Alistair Coe Photo: Katherine Griffiths

Light rail bosses would be grilled by a parliamentary committee every three months under a proposal by the Canberra Liberals.

The opposition says close scrutiny of the development of the Capital Metro light rail network is needed because of its significance and big price tag.

Stage one of the tramway between Civic and Gungahlin was initially estimated to cost about $614 million.

Capital Metro bosses already appear before Legislative Assembly committees twice a year for estimates and annual reports hearings.

Deputy Opposition Leader Alistair Coe will on Thursday move a resolution requiring Capital Metro to front two additional hearings of the assembly's planning and environment committee each year.

''We think for a project as significant as the $614 million light rail project it would be appropriate for the assembly to have additional opportunities to scrutinise expenditure and the method by which the government is spending the money,'' Mr Coe said. "They've got governance advisers, they've got legal advisers in-house and they've got a communications expert in addition to the equal-top-paid public servant running the show.

''There should be abundant capability within the agency to answer questions about the project.''

Mr Coe used question time on Wednesday to quiz Chief Minister Katy Gallagher on why Capital Metro chief Emma Thomas would receive the same salary as the head of the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate.

Mr Coe said Ms Thomas' annual salary was just over $326,000, of which $89,000 was a special payment approved by Ms Gallagher.

Including superannuation and allowances, Ms Thomas' total salary package is $382,324.

Ms Gallagher defended the fact that Ms Thomas was paid more than other director-generals in the ACT public service.

''The jobs are very different and appropriate remuneration is provided to all director-generals in relation to the work the government asks them to do,'' Ms Gallagher said.