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ACT ministers after Chief Minister Andrew Barr's portfolio reshuffle

Andrew Barr

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has announced his reshuffled frontbench.
Chief Minister Andrew Barr has announced his reshuffled frontbench. Photo: Graham Tidy

Chief Minister


Minister for Economic Development

Minister for Urban Renewal


Minister for Tourism and Events

Simon Corbell

Simon Corbell

Photo: Elesa Kurtz

Deputy Chief Minister


Minister for Capital Metro (until 30 June 2016)

Minister for the Environment and Climate Change

Minister for Health

Minister for Police and Emergency Services

Mick Gentleman

Mick Gentleman. Photo by: Jamila Toderas

Photo: Jamila Toderas

Minister for Planning and Land Management

Minister for Racing and Gaming

Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations

Manager of Government Business

Shane Rattenbury

Shane Rattenbury

Photo: Jeffrey Chan

Minister for Corrections

Minister for Education

Minister for Justice and Consumer Affairs

Minister for Road Safety

Yvette Berry

Yvette Berry

Photo: Jamila Toderas

Minister for Housing, Community Services and Social Inclusion

Minister for Multicultural and Youth Affairs

Minister for Sport and Recreation

Minister for Women

Meegan Fitzharris

Meegan Fitzharris.

Photo: Melissa Adams

Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research

Minister for Transport and Municipal Services

Assistant Health Minister

Chris Bourke

Chris Bourke.

Photo: Jamila Toderas

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

Minister for Children and Young People

Minister for Disability

Minister for Small Business and the Arts

Minister for Veterans and Seniors