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ACT Motorists Party would take a hard line on bullying

School bullies would be deprived of their bus passes and P-plates and their parents would face fines under the Australian Motorists Party's plan to tackle anti-social behaviour in Canberra's schools.

Ginninderra candidate Chic Henry says that the party's education policy also calls for a greater role for physical education, efforts to improve numeracy and literacy and more trades skills to be taught in the territory's schools.

The party has also adopted the Canberra Liberals' policy of boosting taxpayer contributions to private school to 25 per cent of government school funding.

Mr Henry said a cornerstone of his party's approach to education would be a hard line on school bullies, including children engaging in online or telephone harassment.

''To be effective, we will bring together the community, families, as well as teachers and school administrations as well as seeking professional advice to collectively find solutions,'' Mr Henry said. ''We must also develop strong, recognisable consequences for bullying and continuing bad behaviour of students and we must involve families and the police when necessary.''

The former Summernats promoter said that the motorists would introduce serious penalties for children, and their parents, found to be school bullies.

''When a bully is proven to continue with this action, penalties must apply that are effective,'' Mr Henry said.

''Removal of liberties and cancellation of bus passes and in extreme cases, a delay in the opportunity to obtain a driver's licence is a start, followed by fines passed on to parents through the court system. Such penalties would also apply to acts of bad behaviour and vandalism.''


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