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ACT Policing fines 57 people for urinating in public in safe summer campaign

Almost half the fines handed out by police in their Safe Summer campaign were for people urinating in public.

The ACT Policing campaign finished with the summer season, and it said it handed out 137 fines, known as criminal infringement notices, over the period. This was more than double the number handed out in the previous summer.

Of those 137, 57 were for urinating in a public place. This was the equal most, along with consuming liquor in a public place.

"A number of other CINs were issued for defacing private premises, failing to leave premises when directed, supplying liquor to an intoxicated person, and abuse, threaten, intimidate staff," police said in a statement.

Regional Targeting Team Sergeant Max Mokrij said his team was proactive in its policing, by engaging with licensed premises and members of the public to identify problem areas and people.

"We want everyone to enjoy their night out, and get home safely," he said in a statement.

The summer campaign also focused on road safety, and caught 242 people drink driving. This was down on the 265 caught in 2014-15.

"While we are pleased to see a decrease in these numbers, it is alarming that people continue to drink and drive, putting their lives and the lives of others at risk." Sergeant Mokrij said.