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ACT Treasury, Chief Minister and Cabinet departments to combine

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher is to merge two ACT Government departments and create a new one.

Ms Gallagher announced that the Treasury and Chief Minister and Cabinet (CMCD) directorates will be merged, although the two functions will remain in different ministerial portfolios.

The new directorate, Commerce and Works, will absorb other elements of the territory’s bureaucracy including shared services, capital works, the ACT Revenue Office and ACT Insurance Authority.

It is unclear if the changes, the biggest shake up of the ACT public service since the Hawke review was implemented last year, would involve job losses.

“The Directorate structure remains largely unchanged with the exception of the central directorate and the creation of a new Directorate of Commerce and Works,” the Chief Minister said today.

“In order to provide improved support from the ACTPS for whole of government decision making and the delivery of the ACT Government’s policy agenda, I have combined the Chief Minister and Cabinet and Treasury Directorates into a single directorate.”

“The new Directorate will drive substantial improvements to the efficient and effective delivery of capital works projects, as well as delivery of back of house ICT, procurement and administrative functions.”