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Alleged burglar caught with used syringe denied bail

An alleged burglar found in a south Canberra dance studio with a used syringe has been refused bail.

Police found Douglas James Weedon, 35, behind a closed door in the office area of the DancEdge​ performing arts school in Kambah about 9.30pm on Friday, after a member of the public reported a series of loud bangs coming from the premises, court document said.

Weedon appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Saturday charged with burglary, having been granted bail on separate charges on January 15.

Police believed the defendant forced in a glass pane at the Kambah premises' front door, which had left an opening of about one metre by 80 centimetres, and was found in the dark holding an empty shopping bag and a CD while wearing a DancEdge branded jacket, according to the police statement of facts.

A used syringe and a ballet badge were found by police in the defendant's trousers pocket, the court documents said.

The defendant told police he worked at the business and was picking up his shoes, and his friends with whom he was drinking wanted to see where he worked.


He said he had drunk about five cans of bourbon on the night, and police said he appeared affected by alcohol.

The door which the defendant said he had entered was found locked by police, and no key was found when he was searched, court documents said. The dance studio owner told police she did not know the defendant, he had no permission to enter the building and the jacket he was wearing had been removed from a mannequin in the studio.

Several objects were also reported out of place, including the portable sound system moved from a shelf to a desk near the door, the owner told police.

Police said the defendant became abusive and aggressive when arrested, repeatedly yelling at them and making threats to "bite their faces".

The prosecutor opposed bail on Saturday and noted the defendant had failed to attend court as required on January 27.

The defendant told the court he had been going to a mens' group and his actions were a "lapse of judgment".

No pleas were entered.

Magistrate Robert Cook refused bail, saying there was a likelihood of reoffending and the defendant had engaged in the very conduct he had been warned about when granted bail earlier this month.

"No sooner than being given the chance to be at liberty you have reoffended and failed to appear," Mr Cook said.

The matter returns to court on February 5.