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Alpacas' friends flock to meet Jasmine

A NEW friend for Canberra's best-known alpacas might be a small Merino but she is far from sheepish.

Orphaned lamb Jasmine has become a temporary resident in the suburb of Giralang.

Until she moves on to a farm she is bunking down with 59-year-old Nils Lantzke's animal family.

While she is there Jasmine will tag along with Mr Lantzke and his alpacas on their home visits.

For years Mr Lantzke has taken his alpacas to nursing homes and hospitals to cheer up the sick and elderly and even on visits to the victims of torture. He and his friends are in great demand and Mr Lantzke is keen to expand his visiting schedule to include private homes.

''Emotionally it makes a big difference,'' Mr Lantzke said.

He received the seven-week old lamb from a vet and there have been some offers from farmers to adopt the little animal.

''It's going to hurt to part with Jasmine. When you get something at two days old and raise it, it becomes like a child to you.''