Kristy Leigh as Barbarella, with a DeLorean, ahead of a Dr Sketchy event to be held at Mt Stromlo this weekend.

Kristy Leigh as Barbarella, with a DeLorean, ahead of a Dr Sketchy event to be held at Mt Stromlo this weekend. Photo: Rohan Thomson

A dream came true for Canberra's own Marty McFly when he lured Barbarella into the driver's seat of his 1981 DeLorean on Thursday.

Callum Bowen, 38, the ACT's only DeLorean owner, fell in love with the unusual marque thanks to his exposure to the "Back To The Future" films during the 1980s.

Barbarella, aka Canberran burlesque performer "Harley Quinn", is known to her parents as Kristy Leigh. She is to MC a science fiction-themed Dr Sketchy's "anti-art movement" life drawing event to be held at Mt Stromlo on Sunday evening.

Kristy Leigh in the DeLorean.

Kristy Leigh in the DeLorean. Photo: Rohan Thomson

The DeLorean, complete with flux capacitator, will be on display.

Life models are to include Medusa, Cyclops, a Swamp Monster, a Horny Demon and a possible appearance by the largest One Eyed Monster in the universe.

Details are on the Dr Sketchy's Canberra website.

Bowen, who concedes he wouldn't be out of place in an episode of "Big Bang Theory", befriended Leigh when she admired his car.

"It (the DeLorean) is a great ice breaker," he said. "Right now it's got a nubile young lady sitting inside it."

Dr Sketchys, an ideological successor to the "anti-art" movement pioneered in the 1950s and 1960s, is a playful and sexy attempt to demystify art and make it accessible and fun.

Since the Canberra branch was established late last year it has been an underground hit with all previous events sold out.

ACT founder, Rebecca Gale, said getting permission to establish a Canberra chapter from the New York-based founders had not been easy.

"There was an online interview and I had to have background checks," she said. "I was put through the ringer."

Gale, who said Dr Sketchys was a celebration of "dames, drinking, drawing and debauchery", is no stranger to the risque.

The psychology student has a background in performing arts and burlesque and has been running Miss Kitka's House of Burlesque, an institution that helps put Canberrans of all ages and sexes in touch with their inner Gypsy Rose Lee, since 2003.

Neither Miss Kitka's or Dr Sketchys exploited women she said. "Quite the reverse; it actually empowers them," she said.

Leigh, Miss Kitka's current audience choice as "kitten of the year", agreed. "I adore it, I love it," she said. "I was looking for a fun dance class; something that was different and I certainly found it. I was shy when I started and I have gained a lot of confidence."

Leigh described her day job, running an adult store, as like being in the public service. "I work for the Department of Lust and Debauchery," she said. "We should be publicly funded - I've saved marriages."

Bowen, while delighted to have Barbarella in his driver's seat, says the DeLorean had not been bought as a "babe magnet".

"It would be perfect if I was into 30-something, geeky guys," he said. "It gets a lot of attention from that demographic."