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March 21-April 20

The time is ripe for cutting the deadwood out of your finances, and is a matter of necessity right now. There's a new way of doing things that will rapidly become established. You will need to examine your financial responsibilities during November 14-December 11. Investigations into a health matter should also produce results.


April 21-May 20

The solar eclipse on November 14 heralds changes around partnerships, indicating new beginnings. There's a need to revamp existing arrangements or to start afresh. Discussions are underway in your personal and business life during November 14-December 11. These should be quite productive and stimulating, especially on November 17, 18.


May 21-June 21

Changes in the workplace are indicated for Gemini individuals at the moment, requiring personal adjustments. You've been aware of this for a number of months and need to go with the flow. There is a strong emphasis on the fulfilment of obligations, whether at work or at home during the four weeks from November 14. Best times are November 17, 18.



June 22-July 23

The solar eclipse of November 14 reflects a change in circumstances associated with a child, romance or leisure activity, ushering in a new phase of life for Cancerian natives. You will be able to apply a creative touch in an effort to overcome minor problems in the four weeks from November 14. Your daily involvement with a child or romance will also bring happiness.


July 24-August 23

The domestic front and family circle is the focus of important changes in Leonine lives, perhaps indicated a move, refurbishment of the home, or circumstances affecting family members. There will be so much to do around the home in the four weeks from November 14. People will come and go, some will exchange contracts while others will be moving.


August 24-September 23

Your daily routines are set to change, associated with a new view or outlook on life. The old ways are no longer functioning well. There will be many people in contact with you in the few weeks following November 14, perhaps over a business matter. You will probably need to approach certain key figures.


September 24-October 23

Librans will either be looking at a new job or actually changing it in some way, as your income changes in association with the current solar eclipse; looks like an improvement. During November 14 to December 11 job seekers should turn their attention to service industries or those associated with education, banking, media or travel.


October 24-November 22

Whilst you may feel a little weary around November 14 you will overcome these feelings. Scorpio has so much on their plate at the moment with career changes ahead. There will be an extensive involvement with friends and associates until December 11. November 15, 17, 18, December 11 accentuate trends.


November 23-December 22

The solar eclipse of November 14 highlights personal concerns for you, so this coming month is a good time to terminate those issues. You would rather keep a low profile during the four weeks from November 14. There are many things happening in your personal life, which require your undivided attention.


December 23-January 20

Capricorn will be re-examining their goals and abandoning those that are no longer of use. This is a time to set new goals and a timeline for achievement. There will be many contacts with friends until December 11, and there may be concern over the health of one of them.


January 21-February 19

Wednesday heralds a new cycle or career development, of which the alert Aquarian can readily take advantage. Someone leaving the scene seems to be associated with these events. Discussions around financial matters such as loans and taxation should be successful in the four weeks from November 14. Others will be able to successfully negotiate on a career move.


February 20-March 20

The course you've set for yourself is amidst a stream of changes. Areas that are affected including legal interests, study, and travel, and an end to the old ways is definitely indicated. Until November 14 you will have the opportunity for travel to distant shores, expand your educational horizons or be involved in legal discussions. Best days are November 17, 18.