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Arnie's mecca opens to a new crew

It's known around the world as ''the mecca'' of bodybuilding but the owners of Canberra's newest gym say it will cater for all kinds of athletes.

A new branch of Gold's Gym opens on Thursday in Beaconsfield Street, Fyshwick, with another to open in Gungahlin in May.

Known for 70 kilo dumbbells and muscle-clad members, Gold's Canberra general manager Christos Kyrgios said the city was suffering from a lack of quality 24-hour gym options.

''We are a multi-purpose facility and are here to cater for everyone, not just the huge meat head types,'' he said.

''We are going to be a gym for mums and dads, young people, older couples, and people of all levels of fitness.''

First opened in 1965 in Venice Beach, California, Gold's quickly became associated with the growing bodybuilding movement and celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Today, the company describes itself as the largest co-ed gym brand in the world, present in 30 countries and with more than 3 million clients, including in Sydney.

Famous faces known to workout at Gold's include Tiger Woods, and actors Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves and Jessica Alba.

Mr Kyrgios said the Fyshwick gym included a state-of-the-art cardio cinema showing new release movies, group fitness facilities, leading personal trainers and a stand-alone smoothie and supplements bar.

''When we came together to open the gym we decided to cater for everyone from competitive bodybuilders to older people who might want to improve their movement of flexibility through yoga,'' he said.

''What differentiates our gym is that it's not just chucking whole bunch equipment into an empty room. We have built it from the ground up and checked every box.''

Around 400 new members have already joined after a low-budget marketing campaign on social media, with an almost even split between women and men.

''We do have 70 kilo dumbbells which I think is the heaviest you can buy, but if there is other equipment our members want, we will be responsive to that,'' Mr Kyrgios said.

''The gym will be a place for everyone to come and be supported in reaching their fitness targets.''

Gold's joins a crowded gym market in the ACT, but Mr Kyrgios said early visitors had complained of poor quality options.

''We have had a lot of interest from corporates who want to come and do lunchtime group classes and that sort of thing, but there is a demand for bigger 24-hour gyms which go the extra distance,'' he said.

Membership packages start from $16.50 a week, with discounts for annual packages.


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