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Australian Defence Force Academy welcomes newest arrivals

Georgina Gilbert is one of 18 Canberrans who beat tough competition to become some of the Australian Defence Force Academy's newest recruits.

The group was welcomed as Australian Army and Air Force officer cadets at an appointment ceremony on Wednesday.

While the young trainees will follow a range of pathways, Georgina is determined to pursue her passion for military policing.

"When I got accepted into joining the army it was in front of four army officers and they were quite surprised with my reaction, because my face and body language just changed from nervous to really relieved," she said.

"I really want to become a police officer and in joining the army I can do way more really cool things internationally and within Australia."

It's one of many strides, but a significant one, in the 17-year-old's preparation for her desired field.


She will undergo first-year military training with ADFA, complete the three-year Bachelor of Information Technology through UNSW, and attend the Royal Military College at Duntroon for 12 months. She will then get ranked, attend core training, and - if accepted into military policing - spend six months training at Holsworthy in NSW before being posted anywhere in the world.

Senior military recruitment officer for the ACT, Captain Aaron Kogler, said every cadet owed their acceptance into ADFA to determined personal effort. He said it took a certain type of person to get there.

"Definitely motivated and have the will to win," he said.

"You need to be relatively fit and mentally robust as well."

The training the newest arrivals will undertake ranges from how to do their hair and make their beds, to operating weapons and complex equipment.

"One of the most challenging aspects they'll go through over the next four months would be leadership," Captain Kogler said.

The Canberra ceremony was one of 11 that occurred nationwide with more than 200 young Australians welcomed into the ADF.