A ballroom dance teacher accused of sexually assaulting a teenage pupil in a Canberra hotel room said he was feeling “risqué” when he invited the boy into his bed.

But the Sydney-based instructor, then 43, maintained to police his teenage student had been a willing participant in the sexual acts during a trip to the ACT in June last year.

The man, who cannot be named, is standing trial in the ACT Supreme Court on two counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

The acts occurred during a dance competition in Canberra, where the dance instructor had brought a small group of students from Sydney.

The young year 12 student was staying with someone else for the duration of the weekend competition, but those plans fell through on the final night of his stay.

The instructor had offered a place for him to sleep in his hotel room.

The 43-year-old had then gone to an after party and got drunk, while the student had stayed in the room because he wasn’t of drinking age.

The dance teacher came home about 3am.

In an interview with police played to the court on Thursday, the man said he had come home to find the student sleeping in a separate roller bed with headphones on.

He said he tapped him on the shoulder, waking him up, and they had a brief conversation about the party.

The instructor – who has a wife and children - said he got changed and got into his own bed.

Then, the instructor claims, he asked the teenager whether he would like to join him in bed.

“I suppose I felt a bit risqué,” he told police.

He said the teenager asked “Really?”, before joining him in bed.

“I remember vividly saying ‘Are you OK with this?’… and his response was ‘Yes’,” he said.

He said they began touching each other, and he performed oral sex on the teenager, saying the entire sexual episode lasted only minutes.

The instructor told police he had stopped because he felt guilty about his wife.

But the court heard that is at odds with what the student told his high school teacher and mentor upon returning to Sydney.

The high school teacher gave evidence on Thursday that the boy had called her for a lengthy 30 minute phone call in June.

She said he had told her that he had been sexually assaulted by the instructor in Canberra, and sounded far from his normal upbeat and full of life personality.

“He sounded distant, he sounded almost eerily calm,” she said.

“That actually worried me more than anything.”

The boy told her that the dance instructor had cuddled up against him, and put his hand “down there”.

“He said that he froze,” the teacher said.

“And actually later on in the conversation he said, ‘Why didn’t I fight back’. He was a bit perplexed at his own actions."

The teacher was legally required to report the incident, and later met with the boy, the school’s principal, a counsellor, and the boy’s mother.

The jury trial continues on Friday before Justice Hilary Penfold.