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Barriers no hurdle for Canberra drivers avoiding parking fees

FROM removing barriers to cheeky notes addressed to parking inspectors, some Canberra drivers will go to great lengths to find a parking spot or avoid a fee.

As thousands of public servants in the Parliamentary Triangle get set to shell out for parking for the first time, the ACT's senior director of transport regulation described some of the more weird law-breaking moves his officers had seen.

David Snowden, of the Office of Regulatory Services, said while most drivers followed the rules, some shifted the boundaries to find a place.

''Motorists will go to unusual lengths, and that includes removing barriers to get off the road and onto verge areas,'' he said.

''Where there's logs, or planter boxes, or stones, for some unknown reason they will go to extreme lengths to move them.


''They'll be cheeky too, and they'll put notes under window blades, and request inspectors to put money in the machine for them [when not properly parked].''

Mr Snowden said motorists had been known to remove parking signs and poles to attempt to avoid enforcement action. Drivers would also park across someone's driveway when attending a sporting event nearby.

''I think it's important that people understand that when they seek to do that, they can impact inadvertently on the amenity of other individuals,'' he said.

''People need to be aware that there are really strong policy reasons for a compliance response.''

A National Capital Authority spokeswoman said car parks in the triangle were often filled above capacity, meaning cars were parked where they should not be.

ACT inspectors issued 100,099 parking infringement notices for illegal parking across the territory last financial year, worth $9.1 million.

Drivers have been issued with 67,122 notices in the nine months to March, valued at nearly $6.75 million.