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Be alert but not alarmed: Zombies in Garema Place

If you happen to see a few hundred zombies marching through Garema Place in the coming weeks, don't fret, they're just amicable beings doing their bit for charity.

A small group of costumed crusaders are in the final stages of organising the second annual Canberra Zombie Walk to raise money for the Brain Foundation, a charity who raise funds for research into neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries.

Jae Burns, who has spent the last few months organising the march with two close friends, said she hoped the event would alert people to the importance of the cause but not alarm them with the sight of people clad in zombie attire.

"Last year we had close to 600 people take part and so far we've had about 750 say they're planning to join the march," she said.

"The human brain is just so uncharted and so unknown that anything we can do to help out would be really great."

Ms Burns said a lot of people approached her during last year's zombie march and said they had never seen so many laughing zombies before.


"It was really good as we promoted it as a family event and everyone was having such a good time," she said.

"People get really into it and a lot of make-up academies have been trying to get in on the act this year."

The march, which will depart from Regatta Point and finish at Garema Place, coincides with the Latino community's Day of the Dead celebrations and of course, anyone still celebrating Halloween a day earlier.

'We're partnering up the Latino community this year who will be providing us with a little bit of entertainment and dancing after the march finishes," she said.

Ms Burns said the march had taken on additional importance for some of the organisers whose families had been touched by Alzheimer's disease.

The charitable zombies will gather on the banks of the lake from 3.30pm on November 1 before marching north-west towards Garema Place.