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Best flock to the Royal Canberra National Poultry Show

From covered in feathers to seemingly covered in fluff, the varied and sometimes surprising-looking members of the poultry world flocked to EPIC yesterday with the aim of being judged best in show.

Margaret Day's indian runner duck Cecil was declared the best of his breed, taking out one of the biggest prizes at the event.

The indian runner ducks were one of this year's special ''feature breeds'' at the Royal Canberra National Poultry Show, but there were plenty of others in the Fitzroy pavilion to fill out the ranks, including several silkie chickens.

The silkies are popular as pets because they have fluffy feathers, enjoy being cuddled and are regarded as child-friendly birds.

Ashlee Hampton, 11, showed her prize-winning belgian d'uccle, named Spencer.

Marni Tebbutt, a spokeswoman for the poultry show said there were plenty of junior breeders who took part in shows and it was a good opportunity to teach young people about animal care.


"It's a really good activity for kids to take up – it's something they can do in the backyard and it's educational,'' she said.

"We have breeders here today who have come from Victoria, Dubbo, Wagga Wagga and Bega. There are over 450 birds.

"We have been a bit disappointed that the numbers are down this year, but there are three other bird shows on this weekend.''

Ms Tebbutt said the show was a good opportunity for people to learn about keeping poultry as pets and talk to the breeders to find out what was involved.

The show is being held over two days and will be open between 9am and 2pm on Sunday.

Entry is $3 for adults and children under 14 can enter for free.