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Beth Nasser's personal mission to honour her dad, raise money for National Stroke Foundation

Beth Nasser is a woman on a mission. 

Ms Nasser has set herself the ambitious goal of tackling the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain in honour of her father, who died from a stroke, as well as raising awareness and $50,000 for the National Stroke Foundation.

She has created the Remembering Eric campaign to help raise funds before the 800-kilometre walk which she and eight others plan to do in September next year. The trek is expected to take about six weeks.  

Ms Nasser said she was devastated by the death of her father Eric Pearsall in September 2008, two months after he suffered a stroke. 

"I decided the best way to help yourself is to give back to the community," she said. 

"My sister had decided to walk the Camino and I wasn't interested in walking that far. But then I thought maybe it would be a way that I could do the pilgrimage for my father and raise funds for stroke research and support families.


"What really pushed me to do it, was meeting a mum who had a four-year-old that had just had a stroke and he was left paralysed on one side.

"Mostly what touched me is that I thought stroke was an old people's thing and it's not." 

Stroke is Australia's second biggest killer after heart disease and a leading cause of disability. One in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime. 

Ms Nasser is also motivated by a desire for services in Canberra to support families of stroke victims. She hopes the funds raised will help give stroke victims a voice, go towards research and help support families.

All proceeds will be donated to the National Stroke Foundation.