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Bike and car thefts up as reports of assault fall in ACT

Bike and car thefts are on the rise but there have been fewer reports of rape and alcohol-related assaults in Canberra, new figures showed.

ACT Attorney General Simon Corbell welcomed an overall drop in crime across the territory as the latest quarterly criminal justice report was tabled in the legislative assembly on Tuesday.

While property crime was down four per cent overall, the report revealed bike thefts rose by 22.5 per cent and car thefts jumped 10 per cent in the December 2014 quarter, compared to the same period the previous year.

Robbery was down three per cent, while there was a seven per cent rise in burglaries.

There was a 33 per cent fall in sexual assaults and 25 per cent fewer alcohol-related assaults.

"These positive results reflect our committed and responsive ACT police force, and the continued efforts to prevent crime and support those who have been affected by crime," Mr Corbell said.


The Bureau of Statistics released figures on Tuesday which showed 15,000 ACT residents, or five per cent of people surveyed, were victims of assault in 2013-14. 

The criminal justice report showed while police carried out more blood-alcohol tests, there was a four per cent decrease in the number of drivers nabbed for drink driving.

That was compared to a dramatic 238 per cent increase in the number of drivers nabbed for drug driving, despite only a three per cent increase in the number of random roadside drug tests conducted.

A rise in the number of drug driving offences recorded in the territory this week prompted the ACT's peak drug body to call for greater awareness of random roadside tests

There were 205 more Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders arrested, which represented a 29 per cent jump on the previous year.