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Bindi Irwin jumps at chance to visit Floriade

In the adventurous life of Bindi Irwin, posing among the rainbow field of tulips at Floriade would seem to be a little pedestrian. But the well-spoken 16-year-old, spending the weekend away from her home at Australia Zoo to give conservation encouragement talks, seemed enamoured by the flower festival. 

"When I was invited to come and talk at Floriade I couldn't believe it, because I've always wanted to come – I think everyone in Australia has heard of it, and if they haven't been here they want to come," Bindi said. 

While the tulips reign at Commonwealth Park, the wildlife conservationist said her favourite flower was a hibiscus, followed by frangipanis, the latter a reminder of her late father, The Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin. 

"Dad loved surfing, and a lot of places we went for that had frangipanis there," Bindi said. 

Warm and engaging, the confident teenager is unabashed in using her unique profile to further the conservation causes which have shaped her short life. 

"Personally I kind of think of myself as a teacher, my whole life is dedicated to inspiring others to make a difference in the world and fall in love with the world around them," she said.  


"I look around Floriade and I see so many people who don't realise it, but they're conservationists themselves."

It may be an evangelical zeal, but the genuine passion for continuing her father's work cannot be doubted, and as girls her age consider what may follow graduation, Irwin – now studying a Certificate III in Business and Tourism by distance education – has a clear focus. 

"When I'm 18 you'll see me at Australia Zoo," Bindi said. 

Travelling with mother Terri and brother Bob (who on Saturday visited the National Dinosaur Museum),  Bindi said she wanted to live each day as if it were her last. 

"I've inherited Dad's lack of patience," she said, although she signed autographs to all who asked. 

Bindi Irwin will present from The Inspiration Hub at Floriade at 11am, 1pm and 3pm on Sunday.