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Blake his own worst enemy

Moments after his NSW selection for Origin II was confirmed on Sunday, Blake Ferguson tweeted ''Congrats to big Joshy Dugan very happy for you bra :) #wereback''.

Just hours later the pair were reportedly back to their old habits.

Even putting aside the police investigation until all the facts are established, their decision to attend a licensed premises on the eve of Origin camp is evidence of their lack of commitment to change.

Three months ago the pair were pictured drinking alcopops on the roof of Ferguson's home instead of attending a Raiders recovery session.

The Raiders sacked Dugan and fined Ferguson $10,000, standing him down from all club duties and suspending him for one NRL game.

suspending him for one NRL game. This was supposed to be their redemption, being reunited in representative football.


Instead, it's reported they were scolling champagne at Cronulla's 2230 Restaurant and Bar.

Blues coach Laurie Daley has reportedly told the pair he will support them, but they haven't repaid that faith.

Dugan is apparently struggling with an ankle injury, similar to the one he had at the Raiders, when he was pictured flipping the bird.

When asked about the injury on The Sunday Footy Show, he said ''I've had a few troubles with it, but I'm maintaining it and being professional about it.''

The Blues hold the advantage in the Origin series and are one win away from ending Queensland's seven-year stranglehold. But Dugan and Ferguson have done NSW no favours. They were both aware that the Blues were already missing one of their starters from Game I, the NRL stepping in to suspend James Tamou for drink driving.

NRL boss David Smith has proven he's not afraid to come down hard on off-field offenders, and Ferguson should be nervous.

Ferguson hasn't just let down the Blues, but the Raiders again.

The Raiders have staunchly denied the club suffers from a drinking culture, despite sacking five players for alcohol-related indiscretions in six years.

Bronx Goodwin, Steve Irwin, Todd Carney, Joel Monaghan and Dugan have all had their contracts torn up.

Canberra boss Don Furner claimed on Monday it was a sign ''this club has a strong history of discipline''.

For whatever reason , the penny simply hasn't dropped for some. Since ''cruisergate'' in March, Ferguson put himself on a six-week booze ban, had undergone counselling and had been in the best form of his career.

He may have thrown it all away after another night of alcohol-fuelled madness.

Ferguson said this after Canberra's win over the Broncos just two weeks ago: ''I love this club, they've done everything for me and I have to repay the faith to the fans and all the players.''

He may not get the chance to do so if the allegations against him are proven, and charges are laid.

Should that happen and the Raiders sack Ferguson, it will likely again come back to bite them when he joins another club.

Before the season kicked off, Ferguson took part in a promotion in which he whined one of the worst things about being a footballer was being unable to party like most young people.

Unlike Ferguson, most of us aren't paid handsomely to do something they love. It's a small sacrifice to make and if Ferguson can't do that for his teammates, he should be shown the door.


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