In your Defence

Paul Jurak is a Canberra dad, CIT trades instructor, and cancer survivor. He loves the pre-dawn silence of Lake Burley Griffin. Luckily he takes his camera so the rest of us can enjoy the view at a more reasonable hour.

Thursday, April 17

April 17. Paul Jurak Lakeview.

Paul Jurak This morning I was engulfed by a golden misty blanket and transported to a world of sheer beauty.

Wednesday, April 9

Paul Jurak What a truly sublime sunrise that was, it really blew me away.

Monday, April 7

Paul Jurak The working week has started in spectacular style and it appears that the drizzle has moved on.

Tuesday, April 1

Paul Jurak What a wonderful start to the day that was just sheer beauty and the best thing is that it's right on our door step. I hope you were lucky enough to see it.

Wednesday, March 19

Paul Jurak Mother Nature definitely created a beautiful masterpiece this morning as she livened up our skies.

Friday, March 14

Paul Jurak There’s something unique about experiencing the blast of a burner from a hot air balloon as it floats metres away from the nose of your kayak.

Thursday, March 13

Paul Jurak The balloons added a huge splash of colour to our overcast skies this morning and once again the pilots put on a spectacular performance.

Tuesday, March 11

Paul Jurak Simply stunning is the best way to describe my experience on the lake this morning.

Sunday, March 2

Paul Jurak Mother Nature has done its best to imitate ‘Enlighten’ which has been lighting up Canberra landmarks in the evening this weekend.

Friday, February 7

Paul Jurak What a gorgeous way to end the working week.

Thursday, February 6

Paul Jurak The cooler temperatures and an overcast sky made for the perfect exercising condition this morning in Canberra.

Thursday, January 30

Paul Jurak It started out as such a peaceful paddle this morning, the winds were light and the temperature was perfect.

Monday, January 27

Paul Jurak Golden light flooded the morning skies to make it a very enjoyable start on Lake Burley Griffin this morning.

Thursday, January 23

Paul Jurak This morning I was greeted by the Lake Burley Griffin welcoming committee.

Tuesday, January 21

Paul Jurak The ever happy Dragons Abreast ladies certainly added a huge splash of colour to a dull Canberra morning.

Thursday, January 16

Paul Jurak This morning I had my daily tonic of soothing tones and magic reflections.

Wednesday, January 15

Paul Jurak What a stunner! I’m speechless, that was excellent, brilliant, fantastic, gorgeous … someone get me a thesaurus please.

Tuesday January 14

Paul Jurak The sunrise this morning was like a giant yolk splitting open and flooding light.

Friday January 10, 2014

Paul Jurak I have been treated to a magnificent magma sunrise this morning after returning home from our annual camping holiday on the mid north coast.

Friday, December 20

Paul Jurak What a fantastic farewell to the week and for many, the working year, as Mother Nature turned on a stunning display again this morning.