In your Defence

Paul Jurak is a Canberra dad, CIT trades instructor, and cancer survivor. He loves the pre-dawn silence of Lake Burley Griffin. Luckily he takes his camera so the rest of us can enjoy the view at a more reasonable hour.

Thursday, January 30

Paul Jurak It started out as such a peaceful paddle this morning, the winds were light and the temperature was perfect.

Monday, January 27

Paul Jurak Golden light flooded the morning skies to make it a very enjoyable start on Lake Burley Griffin this morning.

Thursday, January 23

Paul Jurak This morning I was greeted by the Lake Burley Griffin welcoming committee.

Tuesday, January 21

Paul Jurak The ever happy Dragons Abreast ladies certainly added a huge splash of colour to a dull Canberra morning.

Thursday, January 16

Paul Jurak This morning I had my daily tonic of soothing tones and magic reflections.

Wednesday, January 15

Paul Jurak What a stunner! I’m speechless, that was excellent, brilliant, fantastic, gorgeous … someone get me a thesaurus please.

Tuesday January 14

Paul Jurak The sunrise this morning was like a giant yolk splitting open and flooding light.

Friday January 10, 2014

Paul Jurak I have been treated to a magnificent magma sunrise this morning after returning home from our annual camping holiday on the mid north coast.

Friday, December 20

Paul Jurak What a fantastic farewell to the week and for many, the working year, as Mother Nature turned on a stunning display again this morning.

Thursday, December 19

Paul Jurak Mother Nature unleashed an absolute stunner this morning!

Tuesday, December 17

Tuesday, December 17. Kayak cameraman Paul Jurak. Lake Burley Griffin. Sunrise.

Paul Jurak Terrific Tuesday is here and what a beautiful morning it was out there on Lake Burley Griffin.

Friday, December 13

Paul Jurak Pastel strobes beamed through the skies creating a unique natural light show this morning. The tones were sublime and the reflections once again were excellent.

Thursday, December 12

Thursday, December 12. Lake Burley Griffin. sunrise kayak cameraman.

Paul Jurak I was in total cruise mode on Lake Burley Griffin this morning

Wednesday, December 4

Sunrise, December 4.

Paul Jurak Today’s sunrise was gob smacking beautiful! I could tell that it was going to be a stunner from the moment I cast off at 4.50am.

Wednesday, November 27

Paul Jurak It was a chilly start this morning and Mother Nature certainly put on another truly beautiful beginning, with gorgeous golden tones to the east and a pastel palette to the west.

Thursday, November 21

Paul Jurak What an optical feast the sunrise was this morning. I am continually blown away by the amount of beautiful sunrises and sunsets that Canberra continually produces.

Wednesday, November 20

Paul Jurak I know I keep saying it, but once again I have been treated to another stunning morning.

Tuesday, November 19

Paddling on the lake with the Kayak Cameraman.

Paul Jurak Pastel pinks lined the skies to the west this morning as I chased the full moon into the main basin.

Thursday, November 14

Paul Jurak The first thing I noticed this morning was that LBG's water levels had risen due the recent rains.

Thursday, November 7

Paul Jurak This morning I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise and stunning silhouettes.